I feel bad for Katy Perry….  Glee keeps covering her songs and their versions turn out better than the original.  It’s a good thing that Katy is such a big fan of Glee!  🙂  Of course, I don’t see how anybody could actually dislike this show, unless they are my brothers or think it’s super cheesy.  Which it is, I admit, but I think that is part of its appeal!  I love cheesy stuff!  The cheesier, the better!

On May 28th, I flew to San Diego to meet my best friend from high school, Tammy James, her fiance Curtis, and their roommate Zee (who I had met before in 2008 when I flew to Yuma for a LeAnn Rimes concert).  They had tickets for us girls (plus the lovely Heather Marek) to see Glee live in concert the very next day!  All four of us were so excited!  The day of the concert was a long one, as we shopped at Fashion Valley Mall until we were literally starving to death!  We went to Cheesecake Factory (my first time!) and split two main dishes and had cheesecake.  Tammy and I were giggling about “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett.  If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.  I about died laughing when I got to the part where the character Minnie explained what she did that was so “Terrible, Awful.”  I won’t give it away, don’t worry!  But if you read it, you will understand why we were giggling about it at the Cheesecake Factory!  I had red velvet cheesecake, same as Tammy, and it was soooooo good!

After the Cheesecake Factory, we had to rush back to the hotel to get ready for the concert because we shopped an hour too long.  We dressed up as characters from the show:  I was Quinn, Tammy was Brittany, Heather was Rachel (she made a point of wearing her cross necklace…  she said she was a “non-Jewish Rachel Berry”), and Zee was Santana.  We made it to the concert with time to spare!  There were girls wearing red and white cheerleading uniforms outside we got to take a picture with their pom poms.  I got “GLEEK” temporarily tattooed on my right arm.  I have never seen so much Glee merchandise in one place before.  It was insane!  I b ought Tammy a FREE YOUR GLEE tote bag for her birthday present (her “hatch day” as she calls it is May 25th), and I got a Glee live 2011 t-shirt with all the cast members’ faces on it!

The concert itself was AMAZEBALLS.  Haha.  They started out with “Don’t Stop Believin’,” of course!  The actors/singers were totally in character, which I absolutely loved!  Someday we will get to know these people as who they really are, but for now, at least for one more year, they are the New Directionals kids.  Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Brittany, Quinn, Santana, Tina, Lauren, Puck, Sam, Artie, Mercedes, and Mike.  And of course, the Warblers.  Just before they came out, Rachel (Lea Michele) sang “Firework.”  I was really excited when the Warblers performed on the little stage closest to us, instead of the big one.  I got a good look at Darren Criss in person.  He’s my Glee crush!

All of us were disappointed because Rachel did not sing “Get it Right.”  I identify so much with that song, both in high school and now.  There is a lot I want to get right, mainly my writing and my relationships.  Pretty much everything.  When I heard the song for the first time on the show, I was like, “that is me!  Me too, Rachel.”  It’s everybody, I think.  Everybody wants to get everything right.  But a lot of the time, it doesn’t turn out so good.  It’s just life, just the way things go.

The next day, Monday, we celebrated Tammy’s #30 hatch day with dinner at an Italian place called Buca di Beppo with Curtis, Zee, Heather and her family – her husband, Adam and their sons, Ethan, Ben, and Aaron, and Curtis’ parents and sister Bridgette.  Aaron pretty much spent the whole meal making me laugh.  He’s 4 yrs old and is absolutely adorable!  On the way back to the hotel, we (Curtis, Tammy, Zee and I) decided to stop really quick at the beach where Tammy said “Curtis made me fall in love with him.”  Awww.  Photo shoot!  🙂  And then we went to see the “Hangover 2.”

On Tuesday, we went to Seaworld!  While we were waiting in line to get in, a kind stranger gave me a coupon for 50% off the admission price.  I thanked him profusely…  He didn’t have to do that!  Once we were in the park, we decided to go to as many of the shows we could.  Whales, dolphins, sea lions, pets.  One right after another.  We saw the turtles, the penguins, the sharks, the polar bears, etc.  I held a starfish, which kinda freaked me out.  I asked Curtis how they know that the starfish are alive.  Yeah, seriously.  He said that they grow bigger, and when they are (seemingly) upside down  tentacles come out of their bodies.  Eeeeee!  I don’t like things with tentacles.

We went on the motion helicopter ride and then the Atlantis roller coaster.  I sat in the back, because it had the most back support and because the guy said that you get wetter toward the front.  Zee sat next to me, and Tammy and Curtis sat in front of us.  I was screaming before it even started to move.  I was like, “I’m gonna die!”  (I say that all the time, mostly when I am cold) and Zee screamed back, “I’m gonna die!  I hate you people!”  At which I about died laughing.  Thanks, Zee, for making me laugh at such a crucial moment!  I didn’t have my hearing aids in, and I had a ear plug in my left ear.  And I still heard her.  She must have been hollering at the top of her lungs.  Of course, when the ride began, I was back to screaming again.  Oh my gosh.  It was terrifying.  But I wanted to go again and Tammy wanted to go again, so Curtis didn’t even budge from his seat.  But Zee was up and out of her seat so fast, even though Tammy was begging her to go again.  I made Tammy get in back with me.  No way was I going again without someone beside me.  Tammy was my anchor, as always.

After that ride, I won a cute stuffed penguin for my niece Aliza, and we went shopping for souvenirs.  And then we were starving again…  So we left Seaworld behind and went to Pick Up Stix for dinner.  We were all pretty much dead on our feet by this point, but Curtis was a trooper and got us back to Yuma, AZ all in one piece (where these three live).  The next few days were filled with movies, scrapbooking, parties (a scentsy party and a birthday party).  And then on June 5th, we all woke up super early to get me back to the airport in San Diego to go home.

But don’t worry….  Tammy is coming home for a visit this week, so there will be lots more to tell, I am sure!  I am looking forward to re-introducing the Little Miss Aliza Fay to her!  🙂

Happy Independence day!


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