A Hodge Podge of Things

Tuesday, June 12, 2011

Today, I went with Tammy to her mom’s cake shop.  We scrapbooked the rest of the Glee concert pictures and ate peanut butter cookies and cherry cheesecake.  Yum!  We talked about her upcoming wedding (she kept saying, “We have a year!  We have a year!” until I reminded her that it was going to go by just like THAT.  She said something to the effect that was a bad thing.  I was like, “Or GOOD.”  And she agreed.  LOL).  At the reception, she and Curtis are going to have a candy buffet (I smiled when I heard that….  brings back memories of high school when Tammy would stuff my locker full of candy) and a photo booth, where we adorn ourselves with silly costumes.  My cousin Carol had a photo booth at her wedding in 2009.  I didn’t know what it was back then, and so when my sister said, “Come on, let’s go get our picture taken!”  I was like, “Oh, no!”  I really hate getting my picture taken professionally.  Seriously hate it.  The flashes of the camera are bright and scary.  But as it turns out, it was not what I expected!  I loved it.  Being silly is one of my specialties!

Soon after Tammy took me home, my brother Patrick and the Little Miss showed up.  My parents are working hard on the backyard (it got really torn up last summer when the house was being extended to accommodate my room.  My mom is forever moaning and groaning about the never-ending house project and I reminded her that it will be worth it in the end.  Patrick has been a real help to my dad.  Aliza loves playing in the dirt.  She just knows that whatever is going on, it is fun.  My mom has been taking pictures of the project almost every day and posting them on facebook.  She has some super cute ones of Aliza and Kobe (dog).  She’s gonna have a hard time figuring out which ones to frame!  Maybe she can make a collage of summer 2011 pictures.

Aliza Fay is a wild child!  I think I’ve always known this, deep down.  I was sitting on the floor having just put the Glee scrapbook pages in the album (and the album away in the drawer) when she came into my room.  She TACKLED ME!  I was flat on the floor, and so I grabbed her and started tickling her.  Ticklefest Summer 2011  (I must stop to say that I absolutely dread the day when Aliza discovers that I am just as ticklish as she is, maybe even more so)!  When she moved away from me, I rolled over on my stomach, and what did she do?  Stood on my back!  And then she sat on me too.  My mom heard the commotion (we both were laughing our heads off), and then she went and got the camera!

Thursday, June 14, 2011

I am in mourning already for my favorite Glee characters – Rachel, Finn, and Kurt.  They’re graduating from William McKinley High School at the end of this upcoming season.  I get that they have to – nobody wants to watch a show where kids are in high school forever (heck, nobody wants to be in high school forever), and the show can’t follow Rachel, Finn, and Kurt to college because, well, the show is about a high school glee club.  I wish they would do a spin-off show called “Gleeful” or something.  Gleeful to get away from Sue Sylvester, that is!  LOL.  The Glee franchise has a reality show, so why can’t they do a spin-off?  I know, however, that Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, and Chris Colfer want to do other things and I will support them in whatever they do.  True fans are like puppies in that way.

If I had 3 wishes, though,  I’d wish for Glee to never end (or for the original characters to come back and do guest spots), a cure for childhood cancer, and an answer to the infuriating question that has haunted me since high school:  HOW THE HECK DO I WRITE MY STORY AS A NOVEL?  I am getting closer to the last one, though!

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