Beautiful Stranger (250-word sentence)

When Jacob startled awake, he heard Rachel’s soft snores behind him – “Rachel,” he whispered, shaking her shoulder gently, “We’ve got to get up,” and she was blinking up at him in the shadows – She stumbled to her feet, and gathered Joseph, sleepy baby, in her arms – “Wake Leah and the boys,” he told her – she nodded and went off to do what he had asked – soon, they were all gathered on the shores of the Jabbok, the boys yawning and grumpy – Jacob sent the women and children over first, and then he sent over all that he owned – he was alone and then he wasn’t, a man was there with him, glowing a little, and Jacob tackled him, thinking he better strike first while he had the advantage – the stranger fought back just as hard, finally touching Jacob’s hip, and Jacob went down with a scream, begging for a blessing – “let me go, for it is daybreak,” the stranger said, but Jacob said, “Not unless you bless me,” – he saw the wings in all their glory, they were huge and white, and the feathers looked soft – the beautiful stranger asked for his name, and Jacob answered, in shock and awe – “your name will no longer be Jacob, but rather Israel, because you have fought God and men and have overcome” – Jacob pleaded to know the angel’s name but the angel just blessed him and vanished – “this is Peniel,” Israel declared, “because I saw God face to face and was spared.”


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