Today, I Will…

I love You may say I am obsessed with it. I will say it with you. You/I are/am obsessed with it. Today, I found a writing contest on it… write a whole freakin’ novel in 3 days (over Labor Day Weekend). My first reaction to that was and still is, yeah right.

Reasons why it would be insane to undertake this goal:

1. I am distracted easily
2. When under pressure I tend to stress myself out
3. I can’t write a novel in 3 days – that is insane! I would have no time to do anything else. (Yes, that includes everything from sleeping to taking care of my dog)
4. Labor Day Weekend is, well, a family-oriented holiday, and people will be home (I’m guessing)
5. it is just insane to think I can write a 100,000 word novel in 3 days.

That would be 72 hrs, 4320 minutes. If I am really going at it, I type 50 words per minute. 4320 divided by 50 is 86.4. I’d need more than 72 hours.

Not to mention: the entry fee. A whooping $55. Yeah right I am going to pay that for a contest I will not win (I am not being pessimistic here, just REALISTIC).

But I am inspired. I have a book somewhere that will motivate me to write a book in 90 days. Or so the title claims. If I can find it, I am gonna do it.

So today I will… find that book.


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