Gratituesday is something that Kate Walsh, aka Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery on ABC’s “Private Practice” does on her facebook fan page. Every Tuesday, she finds something to be grateful for, and all (or most) of her fans follow suit. I think it is a great idea. It reminds me of the Olivia Newton-John song “Grace and Gratitude.”

“All I have and all I feel / is all because of you / all I reap is all I sow / and love is our living proof / Thank you for life / Thank you for everything / I stand here in grace and gratitude / and I thank you / Seasons come and seasons go, / No matter what we choose / A thousand names / A thousand roads / All lead to one simple truth…”

One simple truth. And what is that? That we are loved so much more than we can ever imagine. By who? By the One who created us, of course. I’m not just talking about our parents, for we began before that. We come from a place so beautiful and so filled with love that it is a shame that this world can tarnish us and make us forget. And we do forget. Most of it, at least.

This Gratituesday, I can see my dream play out in my mind. I see myself typing and typing and typing, for so long and so fast, never slowing, like I am now, and then sending it out into the world. Only then will I sit back and wait and trust. And trust some more. I know what I have to write, or at least, I know most of it. The rest will come in time.

This dream I have was placed in me for a reason. It is my purpose in life. I believe it with all that I am; every single square inch of me tingles with it. Every day I get a little closer. At times I will become frustrated by the slowness of it, but when that happens, I just have to remind myself that things unfold in God’s time, not mine.

God is everywhere at once, whispering in our souls that we are everything to Him. He can attest to our worth, even if no one else does. We each mean something to this world. We each attribute to its beauty. We each have gifts no one else has, at least not to the degree we have them.

I am gratified by this encouragement. I am grateful for a million things at once, my life and everything in it. It would take forever to list them all. God’s love, my family, my friends, my dog, the freedom to dream, my health, the health of my loved ones, music (I am always, always grateful for music and that I can hear enough to enjoy it), books, the internet, my room, entertainment, America’s military, food, shelter and clothing, blankets,joy, laughter, quietness, rainbows, trees, writing, my mind (which frees me), faith, conversations, so on and so forth.

Right now, I am gratified by the peace of the moment.

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