Cancer is Proof that Dragons Exist (just not the way we thought)

Dragon is a great metaphor for cancer. I mean, families stricken by cancer feel attacked, don’t they? Their very livelihood is threatened by an unseen (to the naked eye) monster.

I remember a recent conversation I had with my mother. She and my dad had bought my niece Aliza a shiny red tricycle and a helmet with dragons on it for her half birthday last month (I know… she is spoiled). My mom showed the helmet to me and said, rather conspiratorially, “those are dinosaurs.”

Aliza likes that PBS show Dinosaur Train. I don’t think she knows what dragons are yet. She is 2 1/2.

“Well, dragons are dinosaurs,” I told my mother.
She looked at me and laughed, “Danielle, dinosaurs are make-believe.”

Maybe so, but it doesn’t change the facts. If dragons were real, they would be dinosaurs, wouldn’t they? Or rather, dragonsaurs. Yes? No. Yes. Yes.

At any rate, my mom thought I was dead serious. Really? I am almost 30 years old. Where I do tend to live in my own little world most of the time, I know what’s real and what’s not.

Childhood cancer? Real.
Dragons? Not real.
Metaphorical dragons? Real.

Think of all the metaphorical dragons out there. Terrorism. AIDS. Hunger. Hurricanes and tornadoes. Murderers, kidnappers, and rapists. People who let their hatred/poor attitudes get the best of them. Devastating earthquakes. Negativity and depression. Cancer. F***ing cancer.

Now think of LOVE. The cure to nonphysical problems.

I am thinking… if love could cure cancer, it wouldn’t be a dragon anymore. It would be nonexistent. If love could eradicate terrorism, murders, rapists, etc, there would be no victims. It would be so nice to live in a world where love cures everything, right?

One day, there will be heaven on earth. Until then, we have to make the most of what we’re given. And pray! PRAY to God that everything horrible ends soon. Thy will be done.


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