Love Them Right

I am the very last person to give parenting advice, since my chances of becoming a mother are nil. But I can tell you this: Don’t take your healthy children for granted. Cancer is sneaky. It can catch you off guard. If it attacks one of your children, it will catch you off guard. A child can be thrust into the fight of his/her life before you know it.

I read a blog called It is written by a mother who lost her beautiful little boy Ronan to neuroblastoma in May, just three days before his fourth birthday. Her name is Maya Thompson, and thousands of people read her blog every day. It is not hard to see why. Hers is a love story between a mother and child, as heart-wrenching as it is. In each and every word she puts on her blog, you can see that saying is true, the one that goes, “If my love was enough to save you, you would have lived forever.” Ronan was her baby (she also has eight year old twin boys Liam and Quinn), and her heart was shattered when he died. If you go back through the blog, she documents everything. EVERYTHING.

Her grief at losing Ronan is almost tangible on her blog. She writes to Ronan now that he is gone in the physical sense. People come up to her on the street and say they’re thinking of her. I am sure that it must seem to Maya that everyone reads her blog when she’s only writing to Ronan. That’s all right with her because she wants to change things in a big way, and she can’t do that alone. She needs our help.

Maya is up for an award… go to and look for “100 Moms Who Are Changing The World” contest. She is in the charity category. Please vote for her. If she wins, she says she will give the award money ($5,000) to another family in her area (Phoenix, AZ) who was just stricken with neuroblastoma. Two year old Nate Dinoffria was diagnosed in July. Nate’s mom, Beth, blogs too.

I am digressing from my topic a little here, so here we go…

Maya has mentioned time and time again how often we take things for granted, like our health and the health of our children. We lead busy lives, and often don’t treasure the small stuff. I know that if I was able to have children, I would treasure everything, and I do mean everything (like I do with my niece). Each smile, each hug, each kiss, each peal of laughter, and yes, even each temper tantrum. I wish we could bottle our memories. If we could, then diseases like Alzheimer’s couldn’t touch us, wouldn’t exist (but that is another post for another day).

Today’s message is simple: if you have children, love them right. Because tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

One thought on “Love Them Right

  1. Thank You! At times like these when life seems to be flying by and i feel like i’m playing catch up at best remembering what is truly important is key. I want to live a life where i cherish every single moment..good or bad!

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