Being Fearless

I think the image above is right. We can either be fearless or be so consumed with fear that we cease to live the life we want. The latter choice is no way to live at all.

So I am gonna start living fearlessly by making a list of things I need/want to do with my life. It’s checkpoint time. In two days, I will be 30. If I don’t start living now, then when will I?

1. Write. This one is pretty self-explanatory. I want to write. With this comes hopes and dreams and plans to be published. No one out there has my story, exactly. I have a vision of my first novel. It makes me smile. I am still working on the details, ironing out the kinks, but I think it will work. It has to, right?

2. I want to spread childhood cancer awareness through my fiction. Spread hope. Give this monster something to fear. And cancer should be afraid. Very afraid. Nobody puts the children in the corner. They won’t stay there, for one thing. For those of you campaigning for breast cancer awareness in the month of September, shame on you for trying to drown out the voices of those who are trying to stand for the future. In a way, I understand… next month, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I won’t stop advocating for the children. They don’t just need us for 30 days of the year. They need us campaigning on their behalf 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

3. When I get published, I want to give a percentage of my royalties to childhood cancer research. This seems right to me. Good motivation. I have been eating, breathing, and sleeping childhood cancer for months now. It is the cause of my insomnia. I woke up to reality. And it’s a cruel, harsh reality that has no business existing. And yet. There it is. It needs to be changed. It needs to be eradicated. If it can’t be eradicated, then it needs to be contained. It needs to be non-life threatening. If cancer has to exist, then it needs to be curable.

That’s it. That is as far as my planning for the future goes. The rest of it, small details and big, is in God’s very capable hands. As is childhood cancer.

2 thoughts on “Being Fearless

  1. Well said and I wish you well on your journey,
    May many come along with you and provide more tales to tell in those books you will have published.
    Bless you on this mission and may He be with you all the way

  2. Safe and happy travelling on your journey – I wish you well with the detours and roadblocks you may encounter – all working together for good and part of a plan.

    Be strong and continue to be positive and than you for sharing your hopes and dreams so that we can encourage you.


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