Staying True To Yourself

How do you stay true to yourself?  “Stay true to yourself” is often advice we hear as kids or in movies.  In my opinion, you stay true to yourself by listening to your heart.  Hearts know everything.  Of course, by saying “heart,” I don’t mean the organ…  after all, the only job that heart has is to pump blood.  By saying the word “heart,” I mean, the heart of you, your soul.  Your soul is the essence of who you are (something Buffy the Vampire Slayer taught me, one of the bazillion lessons the show holds within it – without souls – without our sense of right and wrong – we’d truly be monsters.  Our souls are what make us human).

I have come to the conclusion that many people don’t know who they are because they don’t nurture their souls.  They are just here in their human shells to live out the length of their lives but they never even come close to touching on who they are meant to be.  They just cling to life by a single thread.  This is really sad to me.  I know how it is because I was once one of them, before I “woke up” to what life was really about.  It’s about being kind.  It’s about helping others.  It’s about love.  Everything else is man-made.  It is true that it goes back a long ways, back to the garden where it all began for humankind.  There was a crucial moment.  And then…  well, everything changed for the worse.  And that was OUR choice.   I don’t really think it would be any different today.  If someone tells us we can’t do something, or that we shouldn’t, we are more likely to at least attempt to try.  Especially with the serpent hissing in our ears.

I know most people have some qualities that they wish they didn’t – selfishness being a huge one.  I have my selfish moments too (shocker, I know!  LOL).  Staying true to our selfish human natures is not in our best interests, though.  Our lives are about more than just us.  They’re about our families, our friends, and everybody else who we may come in contact with, including the people who we don’t get along with very well.  I know my life is about writing and bringing glory to God through my gift.  It is also about loving others as Christ does.  That is what I think about when I see or hear the phrase, “Stay true to yourself.”

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