Anything Goes!

Now THIS is a prompt:  Describe the perfect sandwich.  You have up to $5,000 to spend.  Be creative.

The first thing that springs to mind is flying to Italy.  Just throwing some clothes in a small suitcase and taking off for the airport.  Rome, here I come!  I don’t even care how long the flight is.  I just want to go.  I’d invite my sister too, as a pre-college-graduation gift, as well as Angelica (my niece’s mom).  Total girl trip.  We’d go.  Just like that.  Easy peasy.  I’ll bring some extra $$ for souvenirs for the people who weren’t invited.  Of course – if my first novel was getting published or if my TV script was sold to a television network, I’d get a plane ticket for my mom too…  I’d totally have more than $5,000.


We’d find a cute little Italian cafe and order delicious panini sandwiches.   And then we’d do some extreme sightseeing….  Sleep?  Who needs it?  We’d sleep when we get back home!  We’d have geniune Italian dinners for a few days.  It makes my stomach rumble just thinking about it!





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