What would you add to this list?

Be you.  Don’t hide yourself from the world.

Be giving.  Don’t worry about receiving.  It will come when it comes.

Forgive.  Grudges are stupid.  Most of the time, you are the only one thinking about it.  So let it go.

Be spiritual.  Don’t hold back.

Be here.  Don’t wander off.  You are where you are for a reason.

Be gentle.  Be quiet.  Listen.  But be active.  No one else can be you but you.

Become all that you are meant to be in this moment.  Just decide to become.

That is where it really begins, after all.  With you.

Don’t despair.  It may seem like the world is ending, but tomorrow could be better.

Cry if you need to.  Scream if you must.  Don’t fake being okay if you’re really not.  Give yourself permission to feel.

Be loving, not fearful.  The world doesn’t need more fear, but it does need more love, always.

Be in control of yourself, but be free at the same time.

You are the only one with your potential.  It is up to you (and God) to define who you are.  Pray often.

Don’t be afraid to be different.  “Normal” is just average.  Why would you want to be average?  Be better than average.

Be hopeful.  If you fail, don’t give up.  Keep trying until you make it.

Be alive.  If you’re still breathing, there’s no excuse for not going out there in the world and making it a better place.

Think before you speak.  Your words have power to make or break.  Always be kinder than necessary.

Always remember:  Someone is watching over you.  Someone is watching you.  Every move you make counts.

Hug your loved ones often.  Sometimes they forget how much they mean to you.  Say “I love you” more.


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