4,000 Bouncy Balls

If I came across $1,000 worth of bouncy balls (super balls), it would come to about 4,000 of those toys.  What would I do with them?  Something unexpected.  Something inspirational.  I’d take a permanent black marker and write things like “46/7” and on the other side, I’d write, “Look it up.”  Of course, if the balls were really, really small, like the size of a marble, I’d write the initials of a childhood cancer warrior and/or angel.  On bigger ones, I would write out “Childhood Cancer Awareness” and on the other side, “Wear gold for a cure.”

I’d maybe do little cards to go with them – buy some index cards, cut them in half, or maybe not.  And I’d write the statistics of childhood cancer on them, maybe a few stories of warriors/angels.  I’d leave them everywhere I went… carry a permanent marker in my purse and those little cards and buy a bouncy ball whenever I see a machine with them.  Or order them by the dozen from amazon.com.  Leave them in stores, restaurants, wherever I went.  They’d be my version of awareness bracelets.  Bouncy balls would go anywhere, maybe a lot further than the bracelets.

This is such a good idea.  I am gonna do it.  Look out, America.  You’re about to be bombarded with bouncy balls.




6 thoughts on “4,000 Bouncy Balls

    • If I ever see you in Wal-Mart…I’ll be following you to promote receiving.

      Love your spirit… you are a beautiful women 🙂

      So far I have read just two of your posts and love the inspiration and energy that exudes from them. Thank you!

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