Years ago, probably in high school, I came across a short little poem that spoke volumes of truth to me.  It was called “Risk” and it was written by Anais Nin.  It goes:

And then the day came,
when the risk
to remain tight
in a bud
was more painful
than the risk
it took
to blossom.

Those eight lines, short as they are, say so much.  It costs us to hide away, just as it costs us to live up to our potential. It costs in different ways.  In the former, we are denying ourselves the world, and denying the world the chance to get to know who we are.  When I don’t write, when I do nothing but procrastinate all day, I don’t get anywhere, as far as life goes.  Tomorrow comes, and I am still in the same place.  The good news is that I am no longer stuck.  I am no longer waiting for the perfect time.  The perfect time is now.  I am inspired.  Life has inspired me.  I have so many ideas and it is time for them to come out.  And they will.  My ideas will blossom and I will move from Procrastination Island to Productive City.

First on my list:  the short story, prompted from the image of the path I posted a week or so ago.  It’s dusk.  Shadows everywhere.  Main characters are teenagers, a boy and a girl.  They’re together.  Holding hands.  The boy is running, dragging the girl along behind him.  She protests.  Says she’s scared.  He promises he won’t let anything happen to her.  The girl stops, so the boy does too.  The girl looks to the sky.  She says they should go back, before it gets dark.  But the boy insists on continuing, and so they do.  The girl trusts the boy.  Where are they going?  Where does the path lead?

I do not yet know.  I have to listen to my muse.   It’s a risky thing, writing this story.  The story itself will be about risk, and it’ll be a risk for me to write it because I have never written anything like this before.  But if I don’t do it, I’ll be missing out.  Shying away from my true potential.  Staying in my safety zone.  The truth is, though, the life of a writer is all about taking risks.  Yes, I will be rejected more times than I care to imagine.  I will just do what Richard Castle did in the ABC show Castle:  frame my first rejection letter.  Staying positive is the only way I can see to live MY life.


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