Playing with Autumn

The cold mists swirl in the air –
and, above, clouds sag heavy with rain,
and the golden leaves blanket the ground,
as nature readies herself for the winter to come.


It’s funny, isn’t it, how autumn can be so beautiful?  It is a time when the leaves fall from the trees.  It is a time when the bears and other wild animals store up food for the long winter ahead.  Winter will make all things new.  But knowing this does not make my heart warm towards it.  Whereas I love that snow insulates the earth and makes it silent and still, if only for a moment, I loathe the white stuff.  Seriously.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much.  I don’t have the words.


I don’t remember ever jumping in a pile of leaves when I was younger.  Maybe I didn’t.  Maybe I merrily sat in them, delighting in the crunching noises they made as they accepted my weight.  I remember collecting them for a school project.  I remember countless leaves of yesterday, here for a season, gone for a lifetime.  Are there leaves in heaven?  I imagine the leaves of autumn past hitchhiking to heaven with the souls of the deceased, coming to life again, turning green again, this time for all eternity.  God would put them back on trees.  Or maybe there is an area in heaven where there is a huge pile of leaves.  Children and pets romp there.  No more dying, no more pain, only eternal life and happiness.


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