“You’re fired.”

Have you ever had to fire anyone?  I’m lucky I haven’t.  I imagine I would suck at it. To know that I was changing things for this person, taking away their security, well, let’s just say I would probably end up giving a pep talk than a “you’re fired” speech.  Like, “How can I help you be better at your job?  What do you need from me?”  And if the issue was money, I would see to it that they were taken care of – have job referrals,   I can’t imagine what I would do if I had a bad employee, for example, if someone was lazy or dishonest.

Actually, there are 10 reasons an employee can fire someone.   They are:

  • high absenteeism/being late often
  •  performing  tasks slowly and with errors
  • a person is unable/unwilling to do assigned tasks
  • inconsistent and unreliable work behaviors
  • person is refusing to follow directions and orders
  • person is unable to get along with others
  • drug and alcohol abuse
  • a person is dishonest – espionage and theft
  • taking care of personal business at work
  • lying on resumes (being found out

My dad is a business and marketing teacher at the local high school.  Maybe he would be willing to give how-to-be-a-model-employee” sessions every now and then, in his free time.  I would just write a “prescription” for his class and give it to the person, and tell him/her not to come back until they have their act together.  It would be an unpaid leave.  And if the problem is drug and alcohol abuse, I’d offer to pay for rehab, if money isn’t an issue.  I think this is good and fair.

Of course, I don’t know what the business would be or what I’d do with it.  Maybe I’d start a book-publishing company.  It’s fun to think about, but I don’t know that I have employee-stamina in me.  I do best working by myself – which is not to say that I won’t work with other people.  Eventually, I’ll have to, if my dreams are going to come true.


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