Winter, photography, and this stubborn world

Look at the image above.  The freakin’ trees are blue.  This picture has everything I loathe about winter within it.  Snow, snow, snow.  And basically, snow.  Of course, I really dislike that the temperatures plummet like nobody’s business (actually, it is my business as I have to live with it).  This picture would be peaceful to me if the trees weren’t blue, and if the trees had green leaves, and there wasn’t any snow around.  Just two friends taking a walk.  Or maybe they’re brothers?  It’s kinda hard to tell the genders of the people, since they are so small.  They could be sisters as well.  It is fun to speculate about stuff like this.  I can write a whole story around this picture.  Who are these people?  Where are they going?  What have they done or what are they going to do?

I love the questions photography raises.  You know what they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Just as a writer paints a picture for the reader to see in his/her mind, a photograph can spark a waterfall of words for the writer.  I have a little red digital camera, and when I use it, I usually take pictures upside down.  Why?  Because I am left-handed and the people who make cameras don’t think about all the left-handed people in the world.  I don’t dwell on this because it’s not important.  I found a way to make my camera work for me, and that is all that matters.

Anyway, winter is just around the corner.  In Australia and other parts of the world, it is summer.  I don’t think that is in the least bit fair.  After all, how in the world are we all suppose to get along and have world peace if we are not even all in the same season?  I think it makes people grumpy and restless – and they end up turning against each other.  Here, I have to pause and think of the Garden of Eden.  It was summer all the time, wasn’t it, back when Adam and Eve were still carefree?  I like to think so.  And considering this, I also think winter was one of the many ways God punishes the world.  Sure, we humans found ways apart from Him to make it fun – with skiing, sledding, making snowmen, etc.  But when winter comes, it also gets dark earlier.  We rectified that by putting streetlights everywhere.  We can’t outsmart God though.  It’s impossible.  We can try, but we just end up highlighting the stubbornness of our human nature.


3 thoughts on “Winter, photography, and this stubborn world

  1. I am in Australia and not relishing the thought of another blistering summer with fire risks and heat stroke for many. Would be great if we could mix it all together and have something warm and pleasant – but we wouldn’t please everyone.

    Great Blog post Danielle.

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