Window to Heaven

What if there was a physical window to Heaven?  A locked window from this world to the afterlife, one that connects us to our deceased loved ones?  My, how that would change things!  But maybe it is just as well that we don’t have a window that we can see.  How many of us would just stop living our lives and just sit outside that window?  We would become Heaven-watching zombies.

See?  God does know what he is doing after all.

This is a good idea to explore in fiction though.  A young mother had just lost her child to cancer.  Her faith is shaken.  One day, she is close to ending her life when she sees a ripple in the room, and then like a movie playing, she sees her child again, happy, healthy, and whole.  She tells her husband but he doesn’t believe her, thinks she is going off her rocker.  Even goes as far to having her committed against her will.  But her child and Heaven follow her.  She sees and hears bits and pieces of Heaven, part of an angel wing here, gentle, masculine hands here, notes of heavenly music like none she’s ever head before.

This gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!  And of course, I have to write it, to see where it goes.  The ideas for stories keep coming.  Am I ever going to have one moment’s peace?  No.  I mean, yes.  I am at peace when I am writing.  But too much is coming at once.  I still haven’t made anything of the ideas I’ve talked about before.  I’ve started, yes.  I’m in the middle of something right now.  It is too bad that I didn’t finish that spooky path story before Halloween. Time for a new goal, huh?

I’ll finish what God wants me to finish.  That’s it, isn’t it?  That was what has been wrong.  I’ve never felt a project deep within my soul as I do the ones that are waiting for me – the TV script, my autobiographical novel, and now this one.  Whoa, God!  Too much.  Tell my muse (angel?) to back off a little.  I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed here.  Have mercy on my humanness.  One thing at a time.  That is the way we roll.


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