Yoda would approve. I am 99.9% sure of it.

I gotta get the Star Wars movies from Netflix one of these days.  The original ones.  I have watched only the first remake, and I refuse to watch the rest.  They took out the best part – the Ewoks.  You can’t have the real Star Wars without the Ewoks, guys.  That is just wrong.  Because if there were no Ewoks, what would I call my dog when I am not calling her Buffy?  Teddy Bear?  Buffy Bear?  She certainly is as huggable (squeezable) as a teddy bear.  I often get licked on the face when I hug her.

Yesterday I found something cool on pinterest.  An article (with pictures) about how, back in September, a family took a vacation to a national park, and the parents told the children (well, just the daughter, since the son is a little young) that it was home to the Ewoks and to be on the lookout for them.  The little girl didn’t see any and she was very disappointed – so, the dad, a graphic designer, took the vacation pictures and photoshops Ewoks in the pictures.  He feigned surprise and told his daughter to look at the pictures.  Even though she didn’t see any Ewoks, they saw her!  She was absolutely over the moon excited.  Ewoks exist!


I can see why some people find this controversial.  But isn’t the same thing true for the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus?  I mean, they’re not real, and yet, practically from birth, children are raised to believe in them, especially Christian children.  Why aren’t people getting riled up about that?  Seriously.  What’s wrong with leading children to believe that meter-tall teddy bear creatures exist?  It’s just a little bit of magic.  Someone wrote a comment that stated if his/her parents had told him/her that the Ewoks brought presents on Christmas Eve instead of Santa Claus, it would have been much cooler.  I agree.

What do you think?  Yoda (if HE existed) would approve.  I am 99.9% sure of it.  I know I do!  I love the thought of the Ewoks being out there.  Just like Mulder of the X-Files believing in aliens, I believe in them.  I only have to look at my little dog for proof.


2 thoughts on “Yoda would approve. I am 99.9% sure of it.

  1. They took out the Ewoks? Seriously? How?

    Anyway, I am with you on the “magic” bit. Stirs the imagination, grants a sense of wonder.

    Plenty of people get stirred up about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, too. sigh.

    • I dunno for sure (because I haven’t watched the rest of Star Wars 2.0), but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least bit if there aren’t any Ewoks. The original version is the BEST. It has an old school feel, whereas the newer versions look as if they have been catapulted into the future. Booooo. Hollywood can do whatever they want but they can’t make me watch them. LOL

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