This is what they’re fighting for (and we should too)

Have we forgotten what America stands for?
United we stand, divided we fall,
and each one of us feels it at our core.
We may be small
compared to the rest of the world
but we are its best hope
to keep the good tightly curled
in front of the bad, to cope
as well as we can.
We need a plan 
to bring God back into this country,
to wave off the naysayers bluntly.
What did God do to them, that He is their enemy?
Just look at the flag and name the colors –
who will give the elegy for this once fine country?
Red is for courage, blue is for justice,
and white is for purity –
it got  unclear along the way – it came amiss.
We need to remember our founding fathers
and rekindle the hope and dream
so that our sons and daughters 
can happily sing a hymn
together about what it means
to be Americans.

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