A Love of Reading

Another Jodi Picoult fan in the making!

I am pulling out a old picture for this post.  I love this picture.  I took it in April when we were watching my niece because Angelica’s pregnant sister was in labor.  Aliza loves pulling my favorite books (which I keep on a shelf next to my bed) down and cracking them open.  She appears to be pretending to read them.  Sometimes she pulls a bunch off the shelf and wants me to help her get on the bed.  Luckily, I quickly found a way to do that.  I push my wicker chair over to the bed, and Aliza can get on that and scramble on the bed from there.

Like her aunt, Aliza loves books, which delights me to no end.  I can’t wait until she gets older and learns to read.  I will shower her in books, not literally of course, but figuratively.  Figuratively literally.  Does that make sense?  She will never be without a book to read, if I have a say in it!  Now, she wants the same books read to her over and over, just like I did when I was small like her.  It’s actually quite common for children to do this.  I know children Aliza’s age love silly voices and they’re more than likely to ask dozen of questions.  I think children are more apt to want to read if they have a say in what the book is.  That was the case with me, anyway.

I am glad I took this picture of Aliza.  It makes me happy.  Aliza didn’t mind that the book didn’t have any pictures inside – she was too engrossed in what she was holding in her hands.  A book!  She will stare at the pages for a minute or two, and I’d watch her, wondering (quite desperately) what is going on in her head.  What is her toddler mind telling her?  I’ll never know, but I look forward to the days when she can tell me what she’s thinking.

One thought on “A Love of Reading

  1. I love it. My daughter is the same way (she’s 3)… she loves books. Even my “boring” books with no pictures. Like her mom, I think just holding a book makes her happy 🙂

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