2011 Checkpoint

2011 is almost over.  How can that be?  I have realized two things this year.  Number one, I want to write.  “You are writing,” you might say.  Well, I want to write more –  more than this blog.  I want to change the world with the impact of my words.  I do realize that actions speak louder than words, but words have to count for something, right?  So, 2012 will be a writing year for me, hopefully the first of many to come.  I already got some time down.  And number 2, I want to help end childhood cancer, by finding a cure.  It may not be in my lifetime, but if the world is closer to a cure when I die,  my life would have been worth something.

This is the year I finally woke up to what’s really important.  Do you realize that by the end of December 2011, 2,555 kids will no longer be alive because of childhood cancer?  Is that okay with you?  It’s not okay with me.  And also, 16,790 will have been diagnosed.  Is that a rarity?  NO.  These are CHILDREN we are talking about!  I will never ever understand why this is being glossed over by the whole freaking world.  By two of our past presidents, even.  Did you know that the 2nd President Bush had a sister who died of leukemia when she was just 3 years old?  Not many people do. Her body was donated to science in the hopes of finding a cure, but I am hard pressed to find any information about that.  As one of my friends said, “Priorities, effed sideways.”  This tells me that people are purposely shoving childhood cancer out the door and pretending it doesn’t exist.  Well, guess what, people?  It doesn’t work like that.  Life has a really bad rep.  It has a way of pulling the rug out from under you when you least expect it.  Those of you who read this and don’t feel anything inside, I pray that your children don’t ever get diagnosed with cancer.  It’s horrible.  Just ask my parents.  Ask any of my aunts and uncles and grandparents.  They remember what I do not.  Ask any parent who is watching helplessly as their child fights to live.  Ask any parent who is grieving because their child has died.

2012 will be a year of fighting for me…  I’ll do EVERYTHING I can to help bring a end to childhood cancer.  I will write and write and write until I begin to get heard.  Life may be short, but in the end, it is the only thing we have that is worth anything.  Cherish everything good and precious.  Cherish the children in your lives, and if they’re healthy, thank GOD everyday for that.


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