Uninspired (All over the place)

Right now, I feel totally unmotivated.  Totally uninspired.  It’s awful outside.  Maybe that has something to do with it?  It probably does.  By the way, I am writing this on Wednesday (yesterday).  I refuse to turn on the TV until I have at least one blog post written – which is what I really want to do.  I must write,  Yesterday, I didn’t.  Bad me.  I want to watch Glee and Ringer but I can’t.  My right hearing aid is in for repairs.  What fun is Glee if you can’t hear it very well?  And Ringer, well, I want to hear Sarah Michelle Gellar’s voice.  It’s important to me.  Voices are important.

I am just typing thoughts as they come.  Like that quote says above, I am trying trying.  I’ve read time and time again that even if what comes out of you is garbage, you should write.  It’s how you get better.  So I am trying trying.  I refuse to say I can’t write.  I refuse to say I have writer’s block.  Maybe there is no such thing as writer’s block?  Maybe when we are feeling like that we are doing it to ourselves on purpose?  Sabotaging ourselves needlessly.  Or maybe it’s not me.  Maybe it’s the world.  The world is a depressing place.  Children getting sick, getting sicker, and then dying.  Whole families starving.  Wars.  Devastating earthquakes and other natural disasters.  Children disappearing.  Adults disappearing.  Without a trace.  What the frak, people?  Is this what we have come to? I know we don’t have any control over natural disasters, but seriously?   This is what we made the world into?  No wonder I don’t watch the news.  It’s too depressing.  I prefer fiction to reality sometimes.  Is that wrong?

It’s starting to get dark outside.  Maybe that is why I feel so uninspired.  I need sunlight to thrive.  I need wide open spaces full of light in order to be creative.  The world is my canvas, but people are not cooperating.  They want to be sad.  They want to be miserable.  Don’t they know that they have the right to be happy?  All they have to do is choose it.  Choose happiness.  Choose the light instead of the darkness.  Try trying, people.  Somewhere out there, there is somebody who is where we need to be.  Somebody who once was where we are now.  Those “others” are proof that it can happen for us, and that it will.  All you have to do is BELIEVE.

I should probably take my own advice, huh?

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