My Given Name

My given name is Danielle, which means “God is my judge.”  I think that suits me perfectly.  All that I stand for is in my first name.  I believe 100% that judgment is to be reserved for God alone.  Who am I to pass judgment on another human being, when I am at the same level as he or she is?  I am human.  I get mad sometimes.  I get impatient a lot.  I get depressed. I get lonely (though less of that with Buffy around).  I often feel powerless, frozen, and disconnected.  I feel restricted a lot.  But… I know that with God, all things are possible.  So I go on.  I live my life.  What else can I do?   I seek to treat people the way I want to be treated.  I don’t want to be judged by others, so why should I pass judgment on them?  Besides, other people’s opinions of me do not matter, in the end.  When it comes down to it, God’s opinion is the most important thing in my world.  And He loves me.  You too.  We all are worthy of His love simply because He created us.

Do you know the Biblical story of Daniel?  Daniel was a man of great faith.  He prayed 3 times a day on his knees.  When he had to choose between staying true to his beliefs and going along with the law, he chose God.  Because of that, he was thrown into a lion’s den.  But God sent an angel to protect him – to shut the lions’ mouths.  In the morning, the king rushed to see if he was still alive, and he was!  Daniel didn’t pass judgment on anyone – he let God take care of it.  God saw to it that the people who accused Daniel (and tricked the king) were thrown into the lions’ den and torn apart.

Danielle is, of course, the feminine form of Daniel.  My mother once told me that Mersie picked it out for me, said she thought it sounded very French.  Never mind the baby books who all say it is of Hebrew origins.  “Danielle” is used in France, though.  If I had to change my name for any reason whatsoever (witness protection program, wow, the places my mind goes!), I think I would chose the name “Michele” – if I had a say in the matter.  It is the French spelling, and the name sounds similar to Danielle.  Michele means “Who is like God?”  Of course, the answer to that question is Jesus.  Or nobody, since Jesus and God are the one and the same (I am not entirely certain how that works – nobody really does, but I believe it all the same).

I believe my name matches my personality.  It’s funny how that happens, isn’t it?  I will answer to Dani.  My mom calls me Dan sometimes and we call my sister Jac.  Hmmm…  maybe she should have had all boys.


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