If my dreams come true, where would I go from there?

Today, I can only imagine how I would feel if my ultimate dream came true (the dream of becoming a published author and helping to vanquish childhood cancer – a tall order, I know, but with God, all things are possible).  Elated, no doubt.  On top of the world.  Invincible.  I would no doubt wonder why it took me so long to get there.  But everything happens when it does for a reason, right?  Or so I tell myself.

A family vacation would be first on my list.  It is kinda hard to plan a family vacation when somebody in your family coaches the high school girls’ basketball team (ahem, Dad).  There is a summer schedule.  Camps, practices, and tournaments.  There’s a couple weeks at the end of July where he’s free and then August comes and he goes back to work.  Next summer it would be fun to travel with my parents (and sister) to San Diego for my best friend’s wedding.  Thank goodness she is getting married the weekend after the 4th of July.  We can do this.  It might be expensive (maybe someday, I won’t even blink an eye at air fare costs or any other costs), but it will be worth it.  I am a bridesmaid in this wedding, so it will be super fun.

Disneyland is the first place on my wishlist to take my niece.  She’s on a Mickey Mouse kick right now, loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and saying “Up and away” over and over and over.  Oy vey!  Don’t get her started.  But seriously, she’s so fun.  Friday night, we watched The Little Mermaid together in my bedroom on my bed.  I haven’t seen that movie in such a long time.  Not since middle school, I believe. I asked her to say “Ariel.”  She goes, “Awiel.”  So cute.  It is moments like this, when she looks at me with her big, gorgeous, blue eyes that makes me determined to do everything I can for her.  For all my nephews-and-nieces-to-be.  I may not be able to be a mother in this lifetime, but I can be the fun aunt.

As for childhood cancer, well, I will just see where I end up with that.  I would love it if, one day, we can just give a child who is sick a shot or something with no serious side effects and then just send them on their way, to live a long, healthy, good life.  Not too long ago, I read that frankincense has amazing results with tumor fighting.  You can read the article for yourself here .  Maybe if they find out what it is in the stuff that kills cancer cells.  they can effectively treat cancer without tearing down the immune system in the process.  I now wish I paid more attention in biology when I was in high school.  I did not retain anything, except for the awful image of the poor frog I dissected.  Never mind.  I think I blocked that out too.

I would continue to write.  That’s not even a question.  I would love it if I could churn out a book a year like Jodi Picoult (like clockwork, she is, always the first week of March).  I have some stories in me about the Holocaust (yet another depressing thing).  I like the idea of being the voice that speaks for those who can’t speak for themselves.  I’d hire a personal assistant, someone to be my public voice.  That is how it works, right?  When you have a speech impairment and if you are a well-known published author?  I dunno.  I’d hire a driver too, because I can’t get from point A to point B by myself.  I’d kiss social disconnection goodbye for sure.  In my imagination, it would be quite the life.  I know I will ask myself, “What took me so long to get here?”

Everything worthwhile takes time, I guess.

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