A Grateful Attitude

Task for the day:  memorize the above quote, and then, tomorrow, live it.  Remember the gratitude.  I repeat:  remember the gratitude.  Be aware of every moment and make it count. Like the rest of my fellow humans, I spend more time thinking about my problems than I do about the good things in my life.  After all, why do we need to think about the good things?  They’re just good.  They don’t need to be made better.  It makes perfect sense that the bad stuff gets the most of my attention.

At the end of Ausgust, I started posting on facebook everyday about things I was grateful for.  It was called the Gratitude Project.  Not my own idea, of course, but someone else’s.  I saw it one day, and thought it was cool, and decided to do it.  I was gonna post every day until Thanksgiving, one thing that I was grateful for.  There’s a Robert Burns poem for this:

The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men,
Gang aft agley,
An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
For promis’d joy!
(The best laid schemes of Mice and Men
oft go awry,
And leave us nothing but grief and pain,
For promised joy!)

Robert Burns, To a Mouse (Poem, November, 1785)
Scottish national poet (1759 – 1796)

Well.  That plan quickly fell by the wayside.  Life got in the way.  I started posting quotes, complaints, and funny anecdotes instead.  In September, childhood cancer awareness month, I started posting about childhood cancer.  Who in their right mind would be grateful for that?  Nobody.  And especially not this person.

So I am going to be making a list, probably every week, or maybe every time I think about it.  On that list will be 3 things I am most grateful for at the moment.  I got this idea from a journal a friend gave me for Christmas two years ago.

(My inner voice is telling me, “Best-laid plans, Danielle, best-laid plans.”  And I roll my eyes.  Resolve face!  Gratitude makes everything better.  Or, maybe not everything.  Most things.)

1) I am grateful for my heavenly Father.  I know I can count on Him to keep his promises.  He hasn’t broken one yet.  It is always man who always lets his fellow man down.  If you are angry at God, you’re really angry at somebody else.  Somebody human.

2)  I am grateful for family and friends.  Because of them, I know I do not have to walk through this life alone.  Because of them, I know I am loved.  Because of them, I love.  And it is only because of them and the grace of God too that I have gotten this far in life.

3) I am so grateful for my little companion, Buffy.  She never complains (much), and is such a good cuddle buddy.  My life is richer because of her – I am hardly ever without her by my side (or by my feet).  She makes me laugh.  One thing I’ve learned from her is that laughter really and truly is the best medicine.  Ever.  In the history of medicine.

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