Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving should be every single day.  Seriously.  The more I think about it, the more I like it.  I am not saying (and Robert Caspar Lintner isn’t either, I don’t think) that we should get together with out-of-town family and friends every single day and have an elaborate meal and watch football.  That would not be very realistic of me.  Maybe if we get to a point in time where we traveled by floo powder (it is a Harry Potter thing) or the world as a whole finally figured out how to teleport.

Hey, teleporting is cool!

Anyways…  Not to sound all cliquey or anything, but we should really count our blessings every single day.  That is the point of having Thanksgiving, right?  Expressing gratitude?  Back in 1621, when the pilgrims were celebrating that first meal with the Native Americans, I bet they were grateful to just be there, alive.  When was the last time you were grateful to be alive?  What does being alive mean to you?  Fulfill your potential – what does that mean?  All you gotta do is listen – listen to that small, still voice inside of you.  You may not know where you’re gonna end up, but God does.  And He will be with you every step of the way.

THAT is what I am the most grateful for – I am alive, free to love, free to live, free to write, free to dream, free to plan, free to give, free to receive, free to do whatever I want however I want, no matter how I may be restricted by my body.  Once, a long time ago, I viewed it as my prison.  In a way, that will never go away for me, but I know a secret:  My soul is free.  That alone is great cause for rejoicing!

Short but sweet today.  Enjoy your food comas!  Please be safe.  And may God bless you all.

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