Grace and Gratitude

When I came out of my room yesterday morning, my 2 and a half year old niece Aliza ran to greet me, almost falling down in the process.  She threw her arms around my legs and squeezed.  It instantly brought a smile to my face.  It isn’t the first time Aliza came running to hug me in the morning.  I love leg hugs!  Especially Lil Miss Aliza’s.

And the first thing she says to me?  “Do you wanna color?”

Ahhh, the life of a child!  So simple!

Later when the turkey and everything was ready, I was sitting by her at the table and I asked her, “Can you say, ‘Happy Thanksgiving’?”  She says in her squeaky little voice “Happy Tanksgiving.”  Then I asked her for a kiss, and she gave me one.

I think she tried eggnog for the first time yesterday.  She took a sip, grinned, and said, “It’s candy!”  Liquid candy, who would have thunk?  Yum.

My aunt Lisa and uncle Todd came over, as well as their two kids, Taylor, 19, and Max 13.  In the middle of dinner (with which I was drinking white wine, a rarity for me), I thought of Mersie (my grandma), about how she would have loved to be there with us.  Maybe if she was still alive and well, we would have been celebrating Thanksgiving at the Phunny Pharm (her home).  We should have been.  She should still be here.

It always drives me nuts when people moan and groan about how, if they could, they’d march right up to Heaven’s gates to bring their loved ones home.  I think, But they’re already home!  Once there, you wouldn’t want to leave either!  Sorry for the little rant.  It is a HUGE pet peeve of mind.

I don’t dream about “rescuing” my grandmother from Heaven.  Instead, I close my eyes and think of her and her laughter, and I know she’s somewhere nearby.  I am thankful for all the noisy and fun memories I have of her.  Maybe she’s the one pushing me to write even when I don’t feel like it.

Mersie did lead a life full of grace and gratitude, at least until Alzheimer’s stole her mind piece by piece.  The below picture speaks volumes of her lack of cooking skills and also her sense of humor.



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