Would you rather read minds or live forever?

“Would you rather read minds or live forever?”  I came by this prompt on The Daily Post blog.  It instantly makes me think of Edward Cullen of the Twilight series.  He has the best of both worlds, it seems.  He’s a vampire, will never die, and he can read minds.  He is able to drown out all the unimportant things to get to the important stuff.  The only thing is, he cannot read Bella’s mind – the one thing he’d give anything to do.  She blocks him, which eventually becomes her power when she becomes a vampire.

What would I choose?  Hard to say.  I am usually pretty good at reading people’s moods and feelings when I am face to face with them.  I don’t need to know their thoughts to know what they are thinking.  The better I know them, the better I can read them.  I am very intuitive this way.  I’d know when to reach out to someone and give them a hug or when to put my hand on theirs.  I am glad of this.  It means something to me, that I can connect with another person like this.  I feel so much of the world’s pain deep within my soul that if I can ease some of it, no matter how small it’s worth it to me.

This question also brings to mind the 3rd season Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode “Earshot.”  In it, Buffy is infected with an aspect of a demon and starts hearing other people’s thoughts.  In the school cafeteria, she hears what she assumes is a mass murder threat (this episode actually was scheduled to air a week after the Columbine High School massacre, and so it  was preempted):  “By this time tomorrow, I’ll kill you all.”  After Buffy hears this, she passes out because the voices in her head were overwhelming her.  The Scooby gang works on a cure, and when she has taken the potion and is no longer able to hear thoughts, she goes back to school with the intention of stopping whatever was going to happen.  A character named Jonathan is in the clock tower assembling a rifle.  Buffy spots him and uses her powers (not caring who sees her) to get up there to stop him from, she thinks, mass murdering everyone.  He is confused, and tells her that he went up there to end his own life, not everybody else’s (seriously?  How do you shoot yourself with a rifle?).  She talks him down (nice speech, let me tell you!) and then takes the rifle away from him.  One of her friends, Xander, happens to wander back into the school kitchen and sees an overweight lunch lady dumping a box of rat poison in the soup.  Buffy gets there just in time (of course) and saves everyone.

Anyways, I digress yet again (commonality on this blog, yes?) …

Living forever in this body is NOT on my list.  I know my soul is eternal, and once I die in this earthly life, I will get a new body and it will be strong, healthy and whole.  I will no longer be disabled, broken, or weak.  I will be able to run and jump.  I will be able to open my mouth, and my words will come out clear.  The people I love will finally get to hear my voice the way I hear it most of the time.  It is a great comfort to me knowing that I only have to live the length of this physical life to get to my eternal one.

So that is my answer:  I want my eternal life in heaven, and I will get it.  I’d be interested in hearing your answers.  Which would you choose, if you had to pick?

I'd love to know what you think!

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