Throwing Off the Bowlines

Yes!  I have an idea.  Ever since it first came out, I have been enamored with “The Lovely Bones” by Alice Sebold.  That book is thinking-outside-the-box at its finest!  Dead narrator, anyone?  And not just that – a murdered narrator.  There’s the hook, line and sinker, people.  I was enchanted by the novel from page one.  And when the movie came out, my sister and I went to see it in the theaters.  I loved that too.  And I loved it even more when I was able to watch the DVD with closed captioning.

Dear God, please bless the all the people who make possible.   BEST. IDEA. EVER.  And also, the local mail order library people.  I am so thankful for these things, without which my life would be less entertaining.  Amen.

So here is my idea:  write a novel about a woman (or maybe even a girl) who has a missing sister.  The sister is dead, although nobody knows that since they haven’t found a body.  I can juxtapose the sister’s narrative with the dead girl’s.   What happened to the dead girl?

(Insert frustrated scream here)

Why do the ideas keep coming?  Okay, God.  I get the hint.  I know what I am supposed to do.  And I will do it.  I know it will bring meaning to my life, bring everything into sharp focus.  Anything’s possible because with you make it so.  So I am throwing off the bowlines.  I am sailing away from safe harbor.  I am catching wind in my sails.  I am exploring, dreaming, discovering.  I am writing.

3 thoughts on “Throwing Off the Bowlines

  1. Please take the hint, write your book. You do have a gift. And more important in 2031 you don’t want to look back and think, I really should have followed my heart.

  2. Hilarious. I see this touchy-feely, mid-1990’s-sounding quote being attributed to Samuel Clemens all over the Internet – and it doesn’t sound like ANYTHING that cantankerous codger EVER said!

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