Road Trip and a Baby Shower Part I

Today, I am leaving on a road trip to my aunt and uncle’s house with my sistas, Angelica and Jac, for my cousin Carol’s baby shower.  Almost 5 hours in the car.  I am so excited.  Carol and BJ are having a little girl the middle of next month.  I am so happy for them.

A little background:  Carol and I have always been close.  There is a professional picture that hangs in a bedroom at our grandparents’ house on Camano Island of us when we were babies.  I do not know if it was before I was diagnosed with neuroblastoma or afterwards.  Carol is 14 months younger than me. Our parents do not have copies of that picture.  One day soon.  My grandmother once said to me that Carol and I could fight over it someday.  But now, it is easy to make copies.  After Carol’s sister KC was born with Down Syndrome, Carol and I bonded in a way that surprised me.  Throughout my childhood, I wished that her family lived closer to mine.  Mainly so my peers would see someone treating me like I was just like them. Selfish?  Maybe.  But I was a child.  I did not know how to handle being different other than wishing it away.  But all the wishes in the world could not  make what happened to me not have happened.

That was for the best, I know.  I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I was anyone other than who I am.  Just like Carol wouldn’t be the person she is today if she didn’t have KC for a sister.  See?  Everything happens for a reason!

And oh!  Carol is going to be one of the best mothers ever, and I just know BJ is going to match her in the daddy department too!


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