Road Trip and a Baby Shower Part II

One of Carol's professional pregnancy pics. Love you, baby girl Anderson!

My brother Patrick ended up going too, which was nice.  When they got here, we left to take Aliza to my dad at the high school, and then we hit the road.  I slept a little.  Jacqueline drove, and she actually ended up going a longer way than necessary, and it was foggy.  But we got there in one piece, or rather four whole pieces (But I guess if you’re talking about the car and not us individually, then it is one piece – haha).

My aunt and uncle were not there when we arrived – they were at a party.  My cousins Catherine, Geo, and KC were, though, as well as Robbie, Catherine’s boyfriend.  Catherine will be 23 at the end of next month.  KC is 26, and Geo is 17 (little Geo?  17?  No way.  But it is true).  We had spaghetti (KC’s favorite), and just visited until my aunt and uncle came home.  Catherine showed me the shirts they had made for the family to wear at the shower – pink with an owl on it, with “BABIES ARE A HOOT” written below – cute!

Catherine has a little yorkie named Phoebe…  she is very skittish, and won’t let just anyone pet her. She’s adorable though.  Five pounds of adorableness.  The family dog, Stevie, an older miniature poodle, was friendly.  If you petted her, she would sit by you forever if you wanted her to.   These dogs ad just been to the groomer’s, and Stevie still had her little bows in her hair.  Very cute.

Aunt Janis and Uncle George came home eventually, and we visited with them some, and finally went up to bed close to midnight.  We slept late the next morning and got ready for a afternoon of shopping.  We went to Portland, Oregon, which is not far from my aunt and uncle’s house.  My favorite part of shopping in Oregon?  No sales tax!  We went to the mall, and where we entered, we could look down and see people ice skating.  Very cool.  Ice skating in the mall!  (Obviously, I need to get out more, especially considering how surprised I was about the ice skating in the mall.)

We had brought my walker that goes in front of me since it has a seat and I could sit down if I got tired, instead of the aluminum one with no seat.  Which was a genius idea of my sister’s.  It’s like a 2-in-1 deal – kind of a wheelchair and a walker both.  After we got coffee at Barnes and Nobles, Patrick and Angelica went off on their own.  Catherine stayed with me and Jac.  Catherine told me that Phoebe had had an appointment that morning at the vet’s to see if she was ready to get fixed.  Catherine has tried to get her fixed before, but because Phoebe is so small, she keeps putting it off.  This time, Phoebe’s stomach was swollen.  The vet said she was having a fake pregnancy.  I laughed at that.  And Catherine said that is what she did too, but then she stopped, and said, “Wait, are you serious?”  And the vet was!  Yesterday, I googled “dog fake pregnancy.”  And let’s just say that I am so glad I got Buffy fixed before she ever went into heat.

I found a really cool sweatshirt in one store I had never heard of before – Alley Kat.  The sweatshirt is light brown with dark brown words on the front – “LOVE. PATIENCE. KIND. HOPE.”  I think it is a good reminder of what is important in life.  🙂  I just had to buy it.  I also found a shirt for Carol at Forever 21.  One of her wedding colors was fuchsia, and this shirt was fuchsia and black plaid, soft  and button down, and I thought it would look great on her.  I bought it for her thinking it’s something comfortable that she can wear after the baby’s born.  A little belated birthday/pre-Christmas gift (her birthday is November 13).

I am basically done with my Christmas shopping, by the way.  It’s easiest for me to do it all over the internet.  Cyber Monday is a very important day for me.  Somebody’s gonna reap the rewards on Christmas.  Well, okay.  A lot of somebodies.  🙂

After four hours of shopping, we headed back to my aunt and uncle’s.  Catherine made enchiladas for dinner.  We ate, drank, and were very merry.  Aunt Janis got out Carol’s baby pictures, and there were a lot of them with me and her – not the one at my grandparents’ house, but different ones.  And geez louise…  I was surprised.  Everyone says Aliza looks like me, but man… that was the first time I really saw it.  Even Angelica was like, “Danielle!  My daughter looks like you!”  Haha.  It’s weird.  And cool at the same time.

The next morning, I got up early and got ready for the day.  I was excited about seeing Carol and the baby shower.  Catherine did my hair (as she did Saturday too) and then, because no one else was up yet, Uncle George carried me down the stairs.  I had coffee.  And when everybody else came down, Catherine made breakfast, oatmeal with peanut butter and cut up apples.  It was good.  I am not a big hot cereal fan, because I grew up eating it every single day, basically.  I love Cream of Wheat with sugar and cinnamon.  Hate everything else.  But Catherine took oatmeal to a whole new level.  Yay, Cath!

As Catherine was wrapping the shower gifts, her doggie Phoebe was sitting next to her on the floor.  I went and sat next to Cath, hoping Phoebe would let me pet her, and maybe hold her.  She bit Catherine hard when Cath tried to hand her to me.  😦  I did get to hold her for a few seconds though.  You could see it in her bright eyes…  she did not trust me.  If she does not know you, she will not let you touch her.  Sadness.  I just wanted to love on her a bit.  Missed my own furbaby.

Carol and BJ were soon there.  I heard Carol before I actually saw her.  She came into the kitchen where I was and gave me a hug.  She was wearing a white tank top with a open cardigan and a pretty dark scarf around her neck.  And boots.  What was cute about it (besides her outfit) was that you could see the outline of her belly button through the tank top.  She complains about it, but her belly button is adorable.  The baby was not active at the moment, so I didn’t get to feel her kick.  When we had talked on facebook earlier last week, Carol had mentioned that she and BJ were going to go to a couple parties that weekend.  And when I asked her about it before the baby shower, she said that she could tell who was drunk by the sheer number of people who were falling over themselves trying to get to her and screaming at her, “Carol!  I didn’t know you were PREGNANT.”  She and BJ have a name all picked out for their little girl, but they aren’t telling until she’s here.  We’ll find out when we find out!

The baby shower started.  People came… a lot of whom I recognized from Carol and BJ’s wedding in September 2009, but for the life of me, I couldn’t remember names.  I went into the living room, which was decorated.  Catherine had hung baby clothes on string around the room and was wearing her BABIES ARE A HOOT shirt since early that morning.  When Uncle George came in the kitchen wearing his, I smiled and told him, “Real men wear pink.”  He grinned and nodded, and went to get another pink shirt out of his closet to show me and everyone else.  BJ and Robbie also wore theirs without complaint.  What troopers!  When Carol changed into her shirt, you could no longer see her belly button.

We had food and drink.  Angelica, Jacqueline and I wrote out our advice for the new parents – I think they are going to make something of the triangle notes – I am not sure what though.  I just told them to tell their daughter they love her constantly and to teach her to say “I love you to the moon and back” as soon as possible.  Aliza says that, and it warms my heart each time I hear it.  Sometimes she just says, “Moon and back, moon and back.”

There were 2 games at the party… a men’s game and a womens’ game.  The women played theirs first – Baby Trivia – and I got 6 0r 7 right out of 10 – I don’t remember.  The men’s game was guess-the-melted-chocolate-in-the-diaper.  There is that conspiracy against chocolate again!  (see my much earlier post Why is chocolate getting a bad rep in TV shows and books? ).  Dis-gust-ing!

I got to sit by Carol when she opened my gift to her – the plaid shirt.  She loved it.  I told her it was for after the baby was born, because it didn’t occur to me that she could wear it unbuttoned.  After that, there were pictures – the one below included – and then I got up because we had to leave.  Long drive and all that, plus, Patrick and Angelica had to work yesterday.  Carol did look through all the stuff my mom and sister had picked out for the baby before we left…  stuff like diapers, wipes, clothes, socks, rattle toys, etc.

It was a very fun weekend, well worth the drive!

Cousins! From back left: Geo, BJ, Carol, me, and Catherine. From bottom left: Patrick, Jacqueline, KC, and Angelica

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