MY LIST: Interesting People of 2011


I don’t know where Barbara Walters’ head was at when she complied her list of top interesting people this year.  For one thing, not one Kardashian, not two Kardashians, but THREE Kardashians made it on there.  I do not find the Kardashians the least bit entertaining, let alone interesting.  So I decided to make my own list.  You are more than welcome to leave a comment if you can think of anyone I might have overlooked.  But…  please, not the Kardashians.  They might be perfectly nice people in real life (a few weeks ago, I remember seeing a picture of Kim Kardashian in a soup kitchen – or some place like that – and it tugged at my heart.  She IS HUMAN!  Alleluia!), but I strongly dislike anything to do with reality television – mainly because of those annoying “bleeps” when someone says a cuss word.  Really?  What are we, five years old?   How come they don’t bleep out cuss words in movies?

Gabrielle Giffords before the shooting

On January 8th of this year , there was a shooting in Arizona in or near Tucson.  U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head, and eighteen other people were hit as well, six of whom died.  When I first heard of this, I thought there was no way this woman was going to come out the other side of this alive.  But…  every now and then, people surprise you.  Miracles do happen.  And Gabrielle Giffords is here celebrating the Christmas 2011 season.  She has had a long recovery, and still has a ways to go yet, but she’s doing great.  With the love and support of her family, of course.  Go Gabby!

Rolling in the deep

Where did this person come from?  Oh, yeah, England!  Adele took America by storm with her album 21.  Whereas she has “been around” since 2008 (really 1988, which is when she was born), I’ve only just heard of her this past year, and then, that’s only because her some of her songs were showcased on Glee.  I freakin’ love her!  She’s both classic and contemporary.  How is that possible?  Just listen to her music.

Duchess of Cambridge

Here is another Brit who made waves this year, when she was formally introduced to the public in February.  At the end of April, Catherine “Kate” Elizabeth Middleton married William, Prince #1 of Wales.  She is very much admired for her keen fashion sense (much like Princess Diana was).  William and Kate are now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  There are lots of rumors abounding that she is pregnant, and it is assumed that her pregnancy, or lack-thereof, will be announced when it is safe to do so (take that however you want).

This next person is not going to be a very popular choice, but I have to include her because for the duration of her trial, this whole country was basically obsessed with her.  People were like, “Grrrr, she makes me so mad” and “Grrrr, she did not deserve that beautiful little girl.”  Maybe so, but I reserve any judgment of her for God Almighty.

Casey Anthony on trial for the murder of her 2 year old daughter Caylee

Casey Anthony is obviously in dire need of help.  No question.  But honestly, I can’t help but feel sorry for her.  I can’t really explain why.  Maybe she came home one day, found Caylee’s lifeless body in the pool, and freaked out.  She’s young.  And considering the kind of upbringing she’s had, with George and Cindy Anthony for parents (not judging, just an observation), it is somewhat understandable.  At least to me, anyway.  She lied repeatedly because she was scared to death.  I am not taking sides here.  I don’t know what really happened to Caylee Anthony.  You don’t know either.  Nobody does except for Casey.  And God.  I am, first and formost, a champion for the children, and I do feel sad that little Caylee Anthony is no longer in this world.  It shouldn’t have happened.  I believe THAT 100%.  But anything beyond that, I just don’t know.

on trial

Ahhh, Amanda Knox.  Poor girl.  This can be said about Casey Anthony as well – she’s innocent until proven guilty.  If that was true, why are there so many haters out there?  I know the Italian justice system must work differently than the American system, but seriously, people.  They would much rather lock up an innocent girl, completely ruin her life, everything she’s worked for, and throw away the key?  Some kind of justice that is.  Amanda Knox is back home in Seattle where she belongs, trying to get on with her life.  People forget…  Meredith Kercher is not the only victim here.  And no, I haven’t forgotten about her.  My heart goes out to her family.  I am just a bleeding heart, okay?

If he showed up on my doorstep tomorrow and asked me out, I would say yes without even hesitating.

I knew about this guy before, because he was on the soap “All My Children,” which my grandma got me hooked on when I started college.  I say “was” because there is no more “All My Children,”  It’s just gone with the wind.  Poof.  Hopefully, someday, somehow, it will be back, because how it ended is just gonna drive me nuts over time.  On a cliffhanger?  Really?  And not just any cliffhanger, but a gun being fired into a crowded room….  But I digress!  Back to JR Martinez.  He was a real Iraq vet playing a Iraq vet on the soaps, and this season of “Dancing With The Stars,” he and his partner (whoever she was) won!  He is a great inspiration, a true role model.  I read the “People” article about him, and I just have to say that the more I hear about him, the more impressed I am.  And I hear he’s gonna be a daddy!  No doubt he will be one of the best!

Charlie Sheen - but only if you like watching train wrecks.

On Charlie Sheen:  I am not a “Two and a Half Men” fan.  I mean, I will watch it sometimes with my dad.  For the most part, I just don’t find it funny.  Maybe Ashton Kutcher makes it better?  I dunno.  I haven’t watched it with him in it… yet.  Will I ever?  Maybe… if I run out of other things to do.

I saw him in concert back in May! As well as the other Glee cast members. It was... pure AMAZEBALLS!

I have admired Chris Colfer ever since I first started watching “Glee,” almost exactly three years ago.  My brother Ryan gifted our sister it for Christmas, and she let me watch it (which sounds better than “I stole it from her so that I could watch it”).  LOVE!  I took to Chris Colfer’s character right away – he was different, and I knew what that was like. If I could be best friends with a fictional television character, it would be him (if it couldn’t be Buffy the Vampire Slayer – which would be scary, because if she was real, that would mean vampires and other demons were real.  And I’d never come out from under the bed again).  I love Kurt’s storylines on Glee.  Nothing but LOVE here.

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs!

Without Steve Jobs, we might never know how wonderful technology could really be.  He gave us so much – Apple computer, the iphone, the ipod, etc, etc.  Sadly, he died October 5 of pancreatic cancer.  He was 56.  He left a legacy behind, hopefully one that will be passed on for generations to come.

For my #10 interesting person, I won’t name anybody in particular.  I have a person in mind, but I don’t want to offend him/her by putting him/her on the same list as Casey Anthony.  I understand how this person might feel to see his/her name in association with that one.  But these two people don’t have anything to do with each other.  This anonymous (to you) person stands out to me because he/she is responsible for opening my eyes about a lot of things, namely childhood cancer.  I am now aware of how much of a problem it really is, and I aim to do something about it.  A lot of somethings.  Just you watch… we will make a difference!  XOXO






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