A Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas to you!  I know I haven’t written to you in a very long time.  I’ve grown up, but I still believe in the magic of Christmas.  I don’t think you will be able to grant my wish in one night – it would be a miracle if you could though!  I want two things – not for myself, but for others.  Number one, I want to see childhood cancer awareness become as dominant as breast cancer awareness.  And number two, I want a cure for neuroblastoma and other cancers.  It would be pretty sweet if you could work in a cure for adult cancers too.  Who knows?  Maybe the cure for everything will be the same thing.  I know this will take time time and a whole lot of magic.  I know you know about 46/7.  We have to change this.  It’s not right.  I want to see this happen in my lifetime, please.  Those sick children don’t understand why they can’t run and play like they want to.  They have no idea why they have to be poked and prodded and why they have to go into the tunnel that takes pictures of their insides.  They’re too young to understand.  And the parents!  They don’t have the words to explain.  We need a cure as soon as possible, not in five to seven years.  Think of the children that will be lost in that time, while we’re waiting.

Thank you.

Love, Danielle

2 thoughts on “A Letter to Santa

  1. what a wonderful letter and wish! If only it could really come true….maybe one day! Of course I want all cancers cured, but right now I would love it if they would just find a cure – or even better treatments for neuroblastoma – then no other moms will have the face the sadness I did this year when my son lost his fight.

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