Christmas Reflections

I have not been actively blogging for a couple days because I’ve been busy.  I know that is a poor excuse for not writing, but it is true.  Busy with family.  Celebrating Christmas.  Cleaning.  My mom finally decided enough was enough and is cleaning out my old bedroom upstairs.  I think the fact that we are planning on hosting the 2012 Harlow-Phalen-Cloakey reunion has something to do with it!  Rediscovering old treasures is fun.  My mom brought down a big box of Buffy the Vampire Slayer novels and other merchandise.  I am so excited.  Buffy will never get old for me.

I asked my mom earlier about a stuffed pig I have.  His name is Mr. Gordo and he is a BtVS prop replica.  Of course.  My mom told me that he is currently in my niece’s bed.  Hmm.  Well.  At least he is getting the love of a child.  Which is the point of stuffed animals, yes?  Even stuffed animals that are prop replicas of a beloved show.

I love Mr. Gordo.  But I love my niece more.

I’ve been tangled up with the busyness that comes with Christmas too.  We all woke up relatively early (for ALL of us, that is) on Sunday.  Santa Claus had brought Aliza a little drum set.  I don’t know for sure, but it would not surprise me in the least bit if it had been Patrick’s idea.  She got spoiled, as per usual.  I got her clothes (with it, a fantastic purple tutu with a matching headband with a purple rose on it for dress-up), a stuffed dog, books, The Little Mermaid DVD (which actually came yesterday since I ordered on and since it is in Disney’s vault for a couple more years…  had to order it from China! Boo.  Why have a vault at all?  Why can’t we have access to all movies at all times?  If not in stores, then maybe online.  That would free up shelf space), and The Little Mermaid toys.

I guess we all got a little spoiled for Christmas, not just the baby of the family!  I gave my mom a scentsy warmer with three scents, my dad got a clipboard/whiteboard that looks like CHS’s basketball court (remember he is the girls’ coach), and Ryan got 2 shirts from me.  I gave Patrick the same thing I gave him for his birthday – a gift card to autozone.  He hadn’t even used the first one (he lost his wallet for a while there) and so he has 2 gift cards to use there.  I gave Angelica pajamas and a gift card to Maurice’s.  And my sister got a shirt from Maurice’s and 3 seasons of How I Met Your Mother.  

I absolutely love all my presents…  but even more than that, I love the people who gave them to me.  🙂

Last night, we had Christmas with my aunt’s family in Leavenworth.  Patrick and Angelica had car trouble, so Patrick and my dad stayed behind to take care of it (wait around for tow truck), while the rest of us went to my aunt’s.  There’s no snow in Cashmere, but you’d better believe there was snow in Leavenworth!  Geez!  We had snacks – my aunt had melted white chocolate chips and drizzled it on Chex Mix and Bugles.  Yum.  She also ground candy canes and tossed it in with popcorn… peppermint candy.  She did something to shaped marshmallows as well (they were shaped as gingerbread men and stars and I can’t remember what else)… they had chocolate on them, and they tasted like mint.  Spaghetti and/or lasagna for dinner.  Yum!  Some of my favorites.

Yet another reason why I have not been blogging regularly this week is because I wrote a guest-post for another blog – shared my story.  You can read the guest-post here.

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