In the year 2011…

Good things that have happened this year

My niece turned 2.  How is it possible that she is almost 3?  She was born just yesterday!

My best friend got engaged

I saw Glee live in concert in San Diego at the end of May.

I was able to help celebrate my best friend’s 30th birthday WITH her (she lives in AZ and I am in WA)

Sea World!


I was asked to be a bridesmaid in same friend’s wedding.  The week of July 4th, I will be flying to San Diego (hopefully with my parents and sister) and standing up for Tammy as she weds Curtis.

First summer reunion with my mom’s family in a long time, in Hillsboro, Oregon!  Mersie was there, laughing right along with us.

I started blogging, which motivates me to write, if not every day, then on most days.

I had lots of promising writing ideas – just need time to work them out!

My sister transferred to an university one hour from home…  so we get to see her more often now!

I got involved in spreading childhood cancer awareness.  Someday, 46/7 is gonna come to an end.  I just know it.  BELIEVE.

I turned thirty and I AM STILL ALIVE!  Amazing.  By the grace of God alone, I am here, with the ability to reach out to others.  Thank goodness for the invention of the internet.  Otherwise…  my life would be very, very, very different.

My room is almost perfect.  It’s been half-full/half-empty for far too long.  Getting the stuff that was in my old room brought down to me helps.

I am so grateful to be able to spend as much time with my niece as I want…  Childhood is so fleeting.  I think every year of childhood – in a world where every child is as loved and cherished as Aliza is – should last 1,865 days (that is FIVE 365-day-trips around the sun).

I am grateful for Aliza’s smile.  There’s always that.  She’s such a happy little girl.  And with so many people to love her and to spoil her, why wouldn’t she be?

And last but not least, I am beyond grateful that Patrick and Angelica are engaged!  YAY!

2011 is ending on a lot of dreams and hopes and prayers for the future.


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