Writing progress

Thursday, I was organizing my room (after having boxes of… well, crap… dumped in it from my old room upstairs) and I came cross some old high school and college papers.


They make me laugh now.  One high school short story was about 2 young adults that met on the beach and they both came from wealthy families.  It didn’t have very much in the way of a plot, but my teacher loved it and gave me a top score on it.  Her comment?  I could make a living writing romance novels.

If anyone is looking for me…  well, tell them I’m hiding.  And I won’t come out for anything.  All right, maybe I’ll come out for Aliza.  Perhaps my sister.  And any of the other people I love.  Ahhh!  There’s no food under the bed, and no bathroom either.  Guess I have to come out.  Eventually.

Writing is a learning process.  That is, learning how to write well.  Everybody can write.  Everybody has the potential in them to write something.  Sadly, most people don’t go beyond writing grocery lists, family newsletters once a year and signing checks.  There are a lot of jobs out there that require writing.  Teachers write lesson plans.  Cops fill out paperwork.  So do lawyers, doctors, etc, etc.

If I were to write that story about the couple on the beach today, I would write it better.  Maybe one of the characters would be a cancer survivor, like I am, and going to med school to be a pediatric oncologist.  He/she would bring the other main character to a children’s hospital ward.  And I would probably change the names of the characters to freshen the story up beyond the plot.  As it is, it’s not a story as much as a character study. A shallow character study.

I am glad I found those papers.  I had a chance to see how far I’ve come as writer, and how far I’ve yet to go.  And now, I’ve got a whole year to really buckle down on my writing.  It will be quite the ride!

2 thoughts on “Writing progress

  1. I love your ambition Danielle! While you’re locked in your room don’t forget leftover Xmas treats. Very important for writing well!!!

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