The house is quiet again

It’s back to reality today.  We had pulled pork bbq sandwiches around 12:30 today.  Jac took me out of the house to go drop off some old clothes at the high school and to get white chocolate mochas at the coffee stand on Highway 2.  My aunt Barb got here just as we were pulling out of the driveway – she was dropping off my cousin Kristian, who attends the same school as Jac.

Jac had me cracking up in the car – she told me that when she was making her bed, she tried to push the mattress back down, but it wouldn’t go for some reason.

Then she heard a rather grumpy “meow.”

She quickly lifted the mattress back up and Felix (her cat) jumped out and glared at her (glaring is all his eyes seem to know to do, Jac says) and flounced out of her room.

Of course, I crack up if she says, “monkey” to me.  I don’t know what it is – the tone of her voice, the look on her face, or something else altogether.  Or maybe it is the fact that the word “monkey” brings funny pictures to my mind.

Tomorrow, it is back to normal life…  just me and the dogs while my parents are at work.  Speaking of Buffy…  I have these doggy steps that I got for her after I got her, to help her get on my bed.  She hasn’t seen them in a long time and won’t go anywhere near them now.  When I try to pull her by  her harness she starts shaking like a leaf and leans away from me.  It is really difficult for me to move her when she does that, despite the fact that she only weighs nine pounds.  Shih tzus are a very stubborn breed – I knew that before I got her, and I experience it almost every day.

That’s okay, though.  I can be stubborn too, when I don’t want to do something.

I’ve tried the treat trick.  Buffy just stands up on her hind legs and paws at the bed, as if to say, “Pick me up, Mama.”  I do have wood flooring in my room and the steps do move when Buffy or I so much as touch them, but that could be because I am trying to drag her (quite literally) towards them and she’s fighting to stay where she is.

As Aliza recently learned to say, “Aii, aii, aii.”



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