10 Random Things About Me

1) I am starting a novel this week…  today, in fact.  No time like the present.  It will have something to do with childhood cancer.  I can’t say anything more than that.

2)  In middle school, I was a fan of the series The Babysitters Club by Ann M. Martin.  Mary Anne and Mallory were my favorite characters, but I really loved them all.  I was drawn to Stacey too, because of her struggles with diabetes.  In a big way, I learned empathy from these books.  I joined a book club that sent 3 Babysitters books to me each month and I think I read them in like a week and counting down until I got my next package.  Middle school was not a happy time for me.  At all.  But having the Babysitters around helped me escape.  As did all books I read back then.

3) I think of Buffy the Vampire Slayer every single day.  EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  I named my dog after it.  On May 20th of this year, it will be 9 years since the show ended.  Last night, I saw Charisma Carpenter on The Lying Game on ABC family, and I was like, “Cordy!”  On BtVS, I really didn’t care for Cordelia Chase – she wasn’t a very nice character (shall we say a mean girl?), but later, when she appeared on the spin-off Angel, she grew on me.  She came full circle, something she was unable to do in the three years she was at Sunnydale High.  I admit it – when she first appeared on Angel, I was like, “Aww, man, not Cordelia!”  And then, by the end of Angel, she had grown on me and I felt really sorry for the character/actress, because she was given a really crappy ending (I felt more sorry for CC because she had to act it out).  I am also conflicted about which vampire with-a-soul is better – Angel or Spike – Angel had his forced upon him and Spike sought his out (for a girl, no less, the girl), but that is another post for another day.

4) I hate onions and spicy food.  Not just dislike, but really, really hate them.  When I have onion rings, I like to take the slimy onion out and just eat the outer crunchy part.  But I do like Sour Cream and Onion chips.Anything with onion powder?  Tasty.  Maybe that is weird, but that is just me.  And spicy food has always bothered me, and it is only in the last couple of years that I really noticed it.  The burn of it on my tongue really bothers me.  It irritates my nose and eyes in the worse way, not just my taste buds.  I have a theory about this – maybe the cancer treatments I went through when I was a baby caused the super-sensitivity?  I don’t know, and I probably never know.

5)  My sleeping habits are weird.  Sometimes I can’t sleep at all, and other times I fall asleep before 10.  Although when that happens, I constantly wake up because my dog sometimes likes to curl up against my back so I can’t move.  Either that or against my legs or even on top of my legs.  She is lucky she only weighs nine pounds.

6)  I think my family (both sides) has the best sense of humor ever.  Of course, I am somebody who laughs when someone simply says the word “monkey” (see yesterday’s post).  But having the sense of humor that I do is probably what saved me as a child, as a teenager, and it saves me every single day now that I am an adult.  Having a dog helps too.  Buffy cracks me up on a daily basis, sometimes just by looking at me.  Have furry creature, will laugh.

7)  I believe in all things good and true, like God (even though sometimes I can’t find him), peace (even in the midst of chaos), love (even though I am alone), happiness (even though sometimes it tries its best to elude me).  And I believe what Anne Frank wrote in her diary years and years ago, that in spite everything, people are really good at heart  (But I also believe actions always speak louder than words).  I believe in kindness (even though sometimes I don’t feel kind and sometimes nobody is kind to me).

8)  I don’t really get why non-Americans hate this country.  I think it is stupid to hate something you know nothing about first hand (unless it is something like the Holocaust – that I hate – hate that it happened).  And I don’t really get why they call other countries developing countries.  Isn’t America developing too?  No country is perfect because no human is perfect.  No leader is perfect.  This is why I avoid talking politics.  Why run at the mouth about something I don’t really know anything about.  It is pointless.

9)  As I pointed out in yesterday’s post, I am stubborn.  The more you try to persuade me into doing something I do not want to do, the more likely it is that I will not do it, no matter how much it needs to be done.  And if you are stubborn, I can be more stubborn.  Count on it.  My motto here is, “Don’t give up and don’t give in.  No. Freakin’. Matter.  What.”

10)  Sometimes when I am surrounded by people, I wish I was alone.  And sometimes when I am alone, I wish I was surrounded by people.  I miss people on a daily basis, which is hardly surprising because everybody misses somebody every single day.  And when I have a chance to get out of the house or go on a trip, I feel guilty for leaving my dog behind for just a little while.  Yes, my dog.  Hey, it’s time I’ll never get back with her on this earth.  Ever.  I even feel guilty if I leave her outside for a longer time than necessary.  Guilt can eat me alive on any given day.


3 thoughts on “10 Random Things About Me

  1. Loving reading this interesting collection of facts…I get your sleeping habits problem….some days I could go to bed at tea time…other days I’m up after midnight….often it will be a week of one habit and then it switches over

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