When I opened my eyes today, I didn’t feel particularly grateful.  For one thing, my head was pounding.  And another thing:  it was a little after 4 am.  Seriously?  I couldn’t go back to sleep because of my headache, so I got up, went to the bathroom, and fumbled through one of my drawers for pain reliever.  Thank goodness for the extra strength stuff.  I let my dog out and then back in, quietly read a little while the headache faded, and then got ready for the day.  I had coffee and a yogurt-frozen berry-banana smoothie.

I get a head start on the day.   Life is like a race in so many ways – a race against time.  And having a breakfast smoothie is a vast improvement over just having coffee, right?  I am slowly but surely learning to leave the things of yesterday where they belong.

So in this moment, what am I grateful for?  For the knowledge that although I may think I am alone and although it looks and feels like I am alone, I really am not.  There are unseen presences here.  Once upon a time, that knowledge would have scared me badly, but I am not scared now.  I am loved.  I feel loved.  I believe with my whole heart that we are never ever truly alone.  We have our guardian angels, always.  We have our spirit guides – who are attracted to us by our level of light.  And we have our helpers (these are the people we have loved and continue to love even though they are no longer with us in physical forms).  We are surrounded by them.  We are surrounded by light.  And we are surrounded by love.

I am grateful that there is always an answer to whatever question we may ask, even though we may never know it in this lifetime.  And I am grateful for the promise that everything will be okay, better than okay, in the end.  Life is just building up to something more, something better.  And whatever that may be, I believe with my whole heart that it will exceed even our wildest hopes and dreams.


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