Jessica Joy Rees was such an inspiring little girl.  I did not know her personally, because her family lives in Southern California.  I heard of her on facebook and am one of her many fans.  Back in March of last year, she was diagnosed with brain cancer.  Immediately after, she started a blog and a facebook fan page.  Her posts described her struggles with the chemotherapy and radiation treatments she underwent – and asked her friends and fans in all over the world to support pediatric cancer research and to pray for other children suffering from cancer.  She always, always signed her posts with NEGU, an acronym for “Never Ever Give Up.”

Jessie and her parents also started The NEGU Foundation, a nonprofit organization to raise awareness of childhood cancer and support other little patients like Jessie.  They also raise money for cancer research and hopefully, someday, for Jessie and all the other cancer warriors and angels out there, there will be a cure.  Children, especially those as beautiful as Jessie was, should be allowed to grow up and do the amazing things I know they would have done if only they had lived.

One of the other things that The NEGU Foundation does is to send “JoyJars” filled to the brim with candy and toys to sick children.  According to the NEGU website, they sold and distributed 3,000 such jars in 27 states last year.   If that doesn’t convince you of how amazing this little girl IS and was, I don’t know what will.

In September, an MRI found another inoperable tumor in Jessica’s brain, but Jessica still maintained her positive attitude and her “NEGU” motto, all the way up to the very end.  Her family was able to spend one last Christmas with her.  I think it was a week before she passed that she posted on her facebook page that she wasn’t feeling well (her famous “NEGU” was present at the end) and then a few days later, her parents made an announcement that her 10-month cancer battle had come to an end, and that Jessica is with Jesus now.

She had so wanted to get her facebook fans to 50,000, one “like” for every child here in this country battling cancer, and now she has surpassed her goal.  Now her parents are working to get her a million fans.  If you have a facebook and would like to “like” her page”, here is the link.  Even though she isn’t physically here on earth anymore, I know her spirit is, and I also know she will continue to NEVER EVER GIVE UP.  Fly high, sweet angel.  You’re free.

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