Get out or I’ll drop you out headfirst.

That is right, people.  Buffy Summers would have recognized Edward Cullen for what he is (notarealvampire – he has to be part fairy) and she would have looked at him precisely like she appears to in this excellent youtube video.  I laughed so hard when I first saw this (probably when it first appeared on youtube a couple years ago) and I would have totally forgotten about it if I didn’t have the sense to favorite it.

But then…  I don’t really like to make fun of the Twilight series too much…  I have great respect for writers, and Stephenie Meyer worked hard on this series.  It is not her fault that I can see right through it.  Okay, maybe it is.  I mean, come on.  Buffy Summers and Bella Swan?  Same initials, if you don’t take into account that Bella’s whole given name is Isabella.  Buffy is just Buffy, from day one.  Buffy also is not some whimpering girl hiding behind her supernatural boyfriend either.  She does not plead with him to make her into a vampire so they can be together forever.  She’s strong in her own right.

But I will give Stephenie Meyer this much…  I loved The Host, her 2008 novel, absolutely loved it.  There are no sparkly vampires in it – it’s very unique.  I have heard that Saiorse Ronan has been contracted to play Melanie/Wanderer/Wanda.  I loved her in The Lovely Bones and I’ve seen Atonement.  But her other movies, I have not yet watched.  I should get on that!

Back to Twilight and Edward… yeah.  Edward is just creepy when you really think about it.  The only cool Cullen is Alice.  I even have a sweatshirt that says, “TEAM ALICE: Tiny, psychic vampire FTW!”  She is the only Twilight character worth rooting for, until Reneesmee comes along (I only root for R because it isn’t her fault that she exists).  If there was no Bella in this equation, and Edward fell for Buffy Summers instead, post-Angel and post-Spike, yeah, Buffy would have ZERO tolerance for a vampire making moon eyes at her.  Hehehe.

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