Enough is a funny word

If we are not grateful for what we have, it will never be enough, and we’ll never be satisfied.  Having said that, I am fully aware the word “enough” is kinda silly.  It sounds like it should be spelled “E-N-O-F-F.”  And “laugh” should be spelled “L-A-F-F.”  There are other words that are not spelled the way they sound.  If you read the epistolary novel “Rosie Dunne” by Cecelia Ahren, you will notice that one of the characters puts “no” instead of “know.”  Example:  I no this.  I no that.  And of course, you no what two plus two is.  (My own example…  I have no idea where this book is.)

This week, I think what I am grateful for most of all is silence.  God is in the silence, if you listen.  In the silence, if we really stop and think about it, we begin to realize that what we have is enough.  I imagine for a parent of a child with cancer, no amount of time is enough, especially when the child is terminal.  But then, they are living in the moment as well, refusing to think of what could happen tomorrow.  And for the grieving parent, nothing will ever be enough again, in this life.

It is possible to have enough of something while, at the same time, to have room for more.  Take love, for example.  One minute you think your heart is filled to the brim, but then, someone else comes along and manages to squeeze in there.  It’s like eating a big meal and still managing to eat dessert.  My grandmother always says, “You always have room for dessert.”  This is a good metaphor to put to life.  You always have room for more, if you are open to it.

What do I think I have enough of but really have room for more?  I have room for more silence, ideas, more writing, more love, more laughter, more life, more gentleness, more faith, and more possibilities.  The bad things may come, but the good will eventually balance everything out.  This is enough for me.  And this is what I am grateful for this week.

2 thoughts on “Enough is a funny word

  1. I recently read something else on the many interpretations of the word enough. It definitely is an interesting word.

    I like your list of more. I have room for more focus, fitness, forward action, stillness, connection, and results.

    • I like your list too! More focus is what I need, and less distraction and procrastination! We could all use more stillness, connection and results in our lives as well, especially since we live in a “Go, go, go!” world. 🙂

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