Happy birthday, Mom!

Top pictures: Mom is in the center of her family photo (this was before she met my dad), my mom and me just after I was born, the Cloakey gang on Christmas Eve 2010. Bottom pictures: Aliza and her Nana, one of my parents' wedding pictures (1980), my mom and dad, and my parents with my brother Patrick and his fiance Angelica after he proposed. Even more happy times are ahead.

Today is Friday the thirteenth, indeedy, it is.  But it is also my mom’s birthday.  My dad had ordered her a Kindle Fire (I’m jealous!) and he gave it to her this morning.  He won’t be here tonight as he has a game in Omak and won’t be home until midnight or after.  He also let her order two things she wanted out of a catalog.  He told me this morning (Mom was upstairs getting ready for the day) that when he gave her the Kindle Fire, she asked him, “Why did you let me order those other things?”  His response?  “Because you wanted them.”

Awww.  My dad is so good to her.  He told me early in the week about the Kindle Fire, because he wanted me to intercept it so she wouldn’t see it before today.  He also said he ordered a new vacuum cleaner as well, because he had broken the one we had.  When the vacuum came on Tuesday, I thought (foolishly) that it was my mom’s present, and text my dad, panicking.  While I waited for a response, I managed to pull the big box into the house and push it all the way back to my room.  Clearly, I wasn’t thinking.  When my dad answered my text, I felt stupid and pushed the big box back out to the kitchen.

We all have our moments!

He joked with my mom:  “How do you like your birthday present?”

Because she knew that she was getting something else, she smiled and said, “This is not my birthday present.”  But she had no idea about the Kindle Fire.

Last night, I was walking to my room and I saw the new vacuum on the floor.  I pointed at it and said, “That’s so cute!”  And my dad said, “I know, that is why I got it!”  And if any of you care, you can see the one he got here.

Today, my brother Ryan and sister Jacqueline  are coming home, and Patrick and Angelica are coming over with Aliza.  PAR-TAY!

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