The Blind Horse Story

There’s this story that’s on my mind today for some reason, and I want to share it with you.  There were two horses in a field.  From a distance, it all looked completely ordinary – you’d never guess that there was anything wrong with that.  But if you took the time to really look at these two majestic animals, you’d realize that it wasn’t ordinary at all.  If you’d look into the eyes of the bigger horse, it will become obvious that he is completely blind.  His caring owner had made the decision not to put him down, but instead had made a good home for him in the pastures.  That is the first miracle.

And if you stand nearby and listen, you’d hear the ringing of a bell.  It comes from the smaller horse in the field – the bell is attached to its harness.  This allows the blind horse know where the other is, so he can follow.  And if you watch the two friends for a while, you notice that the one with the bell is always checking on the blind one, and the blind horse listens for the bell, and then slowly and carefully makes his way over to the sound.  He trusts the other not to lead him astray.  When the horse with the bell returns to the shelter of the barn at night, he stops occasionally and turns his head to make sure the other horse is following, making sure he isn’t too far behind.

Like the kind owners of these two horses, God does not throw us away because we are not perfect or when we have problems or challenges. I believe this because if he did, I would not be here today.  He watches over us- even bringing others into our lives to help us when we are in need. Sometimes we are the helpless blind horse being guided by the ringing bells of those who God places in our lives. Other times we are like the guide-horse, helping others find the way home.  You know that saying “the blind leading the blind” always foretells a fall of some sorts.  If you cannot see at the moment, then someone somewhere out there can see.  All you have to do is listen for his or her bell.

Please keep a little girl named Emily Hubbel in your thoughts and prayers.  She has been fighting neuroblastoma for over a year now, and her family has just been given devastating news, news that no family fighting cancer wants to hear:  none of the therapies she has been given are working for her.  Pray, pray, pray!  God is here – sometimes we cannot see him because our fear is too great, but he’s always here.  Fear does not erase the reality of him.  There Emily is, God.  There are the other children who need your love and light to heal them from the darkness instead that threatens to become stronger than them.  So many faces.  So many little hearts.  And then there is you.  You hold their lives in your loving hands.  Their families want them here on earth.  I know you have plans.  But please, Lord, have mercy.  Amen.

3 thoughts on “The Blind Horse Story

  1. We can really learn a lot from animals, if we just stop and observed! If only humanity can be like those two horses ALL the time – to help instead of ignore… to reach out instead of turning away…

  2. I really like what this two horses did, how i wish we can care to each other like them. Learning is power and united we stand tall.

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