I Have A Dream

It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and I am sitting on my bed with my niece while she watches a Mickey Mouse DVD.  Last night, my cousin Carol gave birth to an 8 pound, 4 ounce, 21 inch baby girl named Rory Gale.  Carol’s sister K.C. (she has Down’s Syndrome) has been calling the baby Rory since she found out Carol was pregnant.  She’s a huge Gilmore Girls fan, and Carol’s so awesome to let K.C. name her child.  I look forward to meeting little Rory soon.

Rory Gale is a little doll!

The birth of a child also gives birth to a lot of new dreams.  Martin Luther King Jr. had the right kind of vision for the world I want my niece Aliza and my second cousin Rory to grow up in.  And whomever comes along next.  Can you believe we’re still not all the way there?  Is a non-prejudical world really too much to ask for?  Granted, we have come a long way since the 1960s, but there is still hatred.  There is still unrest.  Perhaps there always will be.  Everything has its opposite.  And if it’s not the color of our skin, then it is our religion.  And if it is not our religion, then it is the country we live in.  It’s always something.  All it takes is a little seed to breed hatred.  But the same can be said about love.

Martin Luther King Jr once said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”  The truth in that statement is all-encompassing.  It is huge.  It can be said about everything – racial problems/discrimination, childhood cancer awareness, all awareness in general, terrorism, etc.  Every little thing matters in the long run.  Everything has cause and effect, and everything affects the world.  This is why I want everything I put out there to have good, positive vibrations.  If it doesn’t start with me and with you, then who will start it and when?  The “now” we are living in is right on time, but is is also almost too late.


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