Us and the World

Oh, how I love Chris Colfer!  He better watch out because if I ever meet him personally, I’m gonna tackle him.  In the nicest way possible.  I just want to squeeze him.  The truth in the above quote is so universal (like the MLK Jr quote I shared yesterday) that it is just mind-boggling.  Colfer’s portrayal of Kurt Hummel on “Glee” is as real as it gets, folks.  Pretty much everything about “Glee” is as real as it gets (except the singing in the hallways of high school – yeah, right).

I finished reading a book last week, a nonfiction book called “Angel Answers” by Diane Cooper (That is where my talk of unicorns and fairies last week came from, hehe).  Cooper made a point when she said that souls are reincarnated, sometimes as one sex for all lifetimes and sometimes switching between male and female.  Sometimes when a male soul is born in a female body, it can feel very strange to the soul.  She chose to be born as female, but at her core, the soul, she is male.  And the same is true for female souls being born as males.  So, as a result, they are attracted to the same sex.  There is nothing wrong with this.  I understand it, but the majority of the world doesn’t.  At one point, everybody knew this, but we quickly forgot it.  We don’t remember making these choices because we are not meant to.

Our prejudices are not born with us – they are shaped by the world, our private world and our public one.  Why are we automatically repelled by something that we know absolutely nothing about?  That’s the million dollar question here.  But we weren’t always like this.  Once upon a time, we knew everything and it made perfect sense to us, and someday soon, we’ll know it again.

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