Yes to sleep.  Yes to insomnia.  Yes to getting stuff done.  Yes to doing nothing.  Yes to doing everything I can to raise childhood cancer awareness.    Yes to curing all the diseases.  Yes to doing what I want when I want to do it.  Yes to obstacles.  Yes to God.  Yes to not being afraid of failure (it’s in God’s hands).  Yes to pushing past my own pain to reach out to someone else who needs me, who needs God.  Yes to not judging.  Yes to writing.  Yes to pouring out my soul.  Yes to doing it for myself, just because I can.  Yes to fighting for what I believe in.  Yes to making a difference.  Yes to taking the time to really getting to know a person and understanding what makes them, them.  Yes to having a open heart.  Yes to believing in myself, in the God-power within (apart from him I am nothing).  Yes to controversy, not because it creates arguments but because it widens my horizons.  Yes to challenges and yes to challenging others.  Yes to making my own rules and breaking them.  Yes to relaxing.  Yes to strength, not just of the body but of the heart and mind as well.  Yes to problems because I have the opportunity to overcome them.  Yes to listening first and then speaking.  Yes to finding inspiration in everyday commonalities and doing something creative.  Yes to marching to the beat of my own drum.  Yes to standing up to what I believe in, and quietly letting things go when I have nothing to say.  Yes to behaving like an adult.  Yes to recapturing childhood.  Yes to the realization that where people can certainly offer their opinions and ideas and share their beliefs, what I believe and how I live is completely up to me.  Yes to making plans and then doing something completely different.  And yes to cuddling with the dog.

I'd love to know what you think!

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