3 Wishes

This week’s episode of Once Upon A Time (which I just watched last night) has me thinking:  If I found a magical lamp and a genie lived inside of it, what would I wish for?  According to Aladdin, there are three rules for genie wishes:  1) No wishing for more wishes 2) No bringing back the dead 3) No making anyone fall in love with you.

The first rule makes me think of that episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the 6th season where Dawn, Buffy’s sister, wishes for everyone to just stay with her.  She voices this wish to a guidance counselor, who turns out to be a vengeance demon for children.  So…  boom, wish granted.  It’s Buffy’s birthday, and the Scooby gang is having a party for her at the Summers’ house.  The gang is all there, along with Spike and two of Buffy’s Doublemeat Palace’s coworkers.  And no one can leave.  Ha!  They try and try, but no one can make it past the foyer to the actual door.  It eventually comes out that Dawn had made the wish and Anya calls upon Halfrek, the vengeance demon that granted the wish.  She refuses to lift the spell, and tries to leave.  Twice.  Anya points out that she can’t leave because of the spell, and so Halfrek begrudgingly lifts it, but not before saying  that nobody can see that Dawn is in pain because they’re too wrapped up in their own.  The episode ends with Buffy shutting the front door behind the party goers – and Dawn is behind her just from grinning ear to ear.

That girl knew how to get what she wanted, that is for sure.

 I have granted a thousand and one wishes and I have seen them end poorly a thousand and one times. ~  Genie, Once Upon a Time

I have thought about this carefully.  I can see how wishing for more wishes can be dangerous.  People say “I wish” sometimes without thinking (as Dawn did in BtVS).  And wishing someone back from the dead can have terrible consequences (we see a little of this in BtVS as well), and wishing for someone to fall in love with you can easily backfire (yes, there are BtVS examples of this too).  Maybe some wishes don’t work out because people aren’t specific enough.

My 3 wishes

1)  I would wish for no sickness, anywhere, ever.  This would mean a cure to every single disease from depression to cancer to disabilities.  Just like everyone should have equal opportunities, no matter who they are or what lifestyle they lead, everyone should have equal abilities, equal potential.  This is every much an opportunistic world, and we should be able to take advantage of every single opportunity we can.  No one should ever die young.  No one.  And I am including animals in this wish too, and hunger too.  Too much of anything is a disease.  If you don’t get enough to eat, you get sick, right?  And abuse even stems from illness.  If we could have a healthy world, we’d have healthy people.  Dream on, right?

2)  I would wish hate didn’t exist.  Only love.  Come to think of it, hate is a disease, so this wish would tie into the first wish.  This is not to say I am wishing conflicts away – a little conflict is healthy, right?  If there was no big conflicts, then movies and books wouldn’t be as good – but seriously, does the world really need terrorists?  No, of course not.  What if love was the exception to the rule that everything has a opposite?  Just imagine – think – what the world would be like.  But I know this wish is bound to have a consequence.  A lesson in which I learn that hate is needed just as much as love.  I can’t think of any reason now, but I am sure there is one.  Maybe it’s a balance thing.  I dunno.  But what if nothing had to balance love out?  What if it was such a strong force in this world that it could stand alone?

3) And lastly, but most importantly, I would wish for every single person on earth to know for certain that there is a God and that he loves and cares for them.  The world doesn’t really need more religion – it just needs one thing:  LOVE.  And God is love.  Everything that happens to us in this world has been done to us by the world, not by God.  Sometimes we tend to confuse things and we think it’s God’s fault that we end up where we end up, but it’s not.  We get there by ourselves.  The good news is that we can ask God to show us the way out of the darkness into his light.

But really, if I got just one wish, it would be the last one – the God one.  The other two things are worldly – this life is just for a little while.  If it was all we got, then all of these wishes would be equally as important.  But we were created for something more than just this world.  For that, I am so grateful.



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