A Mickeylicious Birthday

Baby Aliza

How is it that the last 3 years have come and gone so fast?  I guess if you measure them in weekends, summer days, and the odd day here and there, the years tend to go by in a blink of the eye.  We are blessed we get to spend so much time with Lil Miss “Aliza Goofy Cloakey,” as she calls herself.  🙂

My mom ordered Aliza a Minnie Mouse dress to wear Sunday, and it came with little mouse ears on a black headband.  Aliza was delighted, and even more excited when my brother Patrick (her daddy) brought in a ginormous Mickey Mouse balloon.

Little Miss had a super fun day.  She loved being at the center of attention, and was on a sugar high all day – she had a “pupcake” and multiple pieces of cake.  She mostly wanted to play with it though, since the cake had come with Mickey and Minnie figurines (Mickey on a surfboard and Minnie on  a pink “beach towel” of frosting).  I was sitting next to her at one point during her cake playing and she looks at me and says, “Minnie needs a bath!”  The toy was unrecognizable as such – it was completely covered in frosting and cake!  A little while later, I noticed that she no longer was playing with Minnie, so I asked her where Minnie was.  Aliza either couldn’t or wouldn’t answer me, so I got up to inspect the remnants of the cake.  And sure enough, I found Minnie…  buried in it.

I gave her a American Girl Bitty Baby, a Minnie outfit for it, a Minnie outfit for her, a pink tutu skirt, and a pink t-shirt that says, “I LOVE MY AUNT.”  (I think it’s going to be her new favorite shirt).  I had a conversation with her yesterday morning in which she declared that the baby name is “Aminnie.”  She came up with that all by herself too.  Her mama must have started a trend when she named Aliza (she got that from the movie “The Duchess…”  The main character had to give away her baby whom she had named Eliza, so Angelica just turned the E into an A).

Angelica sure knows how to throw a party (she got ideas from pinterest – none of us know how to throw a party without it anymore)!  There were like 10-15 little kids (some were infants) – and the parents, of course.  There was a Mickey Mouse pinata, and the kids had fun with that.  I got to see Angelica’s sister’s baby in person for the first time!  His name is Remi and he’s 9 months old.  He’s a chunk and a half – so cute!  His cheeks poof out!

Aliza and her new Minnie doll - she loves it so much!

My paternal grandparents had been in town since last Wednesday, so they got a chance to spend some time getting to know Aliza, and were here for her birthday, though they left a hour or so into it.  Aliza is a very loving little girl, of course, and she’d throw herself at my grandparents, despite the fact that she barely knows them.  She would bring them her plastic food (she loves “cooking”) a lot, and then she would say, “Find me!” and go hide.  They could see her hiding, but they were like, “Where’s Aliza?  Where could she be?”  And she’d laugh and laugh.  I love that little girl so very much.  To the moon and back!

First birthday!

Second birthday!


4 thoughts on “A Mickeylicious Birthday

  1. What a wonderful birthday story. Maybe someday she can read it and will love thinking about it. She is such a beautiful girl with such a wonderful family!!!!

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