Just Trust in Miracles

“Just trust” is a motto of a family of a little girl named Starla who has acute myeloid leukemia (AML).  They end posts on Facebook  and Caring Bridge with it.  Just trust.  God is with us.  Just trust.   Starla’s cancer battle began last September, and she immediately began chemotherapy.  She was only two years old, but she told her family to “Just trust” the day before she went into the hospital for the first time.  How amazing is that?  Out of the mouths of babes…

The fact that Starla is here today is a testament to the power of faith.   Starla went into remission quickly, during that first chemotherapy treatment. , and began another round at the end of October.  Then, two days after Christmas, she was admitted to the PICU ward to receive medication because the chemo caused damage to her heart.  On January 3rd, she went into cardiac arrest after having a seizure – she coded and after five minutes of chest compressions, she was stable, but with only 6% heart function.  After being placed on ALL of the support medication available at the maximum limit, she was placed in a medically induced coma and on life support.  Her parents were told that Starla would not make it…there was nothing more medically that could be done, people just dont make it with such low heart function.  Her Facebook fans went from 500 prayer warriors to over 15,000 in a matter of days.  And her condition?  Her condition began improving daily.

Her Facebook info page then says:

In between the days of Starla being intubated, The Alabama Crimson Tide played in the BCS National Championship game…  Team Starla supporter, AJ McCarron, quarterback, wore his Team Starla bracelet during the game, leading the tide to the 14th National Championship title and becoming the MVP of the game. The bracelet was given to AJ and his brother after a Christmas Eve visit to the hospital. This grasped the attention to local news stations, newspapers and etc, as we were contacted to discuss the Christmas Eve meeting with AJ with the news and newspapers…we accepted the interview and also askeed for prayers for Starla.

Starla made HUGE progress, shocking doctors and nurses. She was weaned from support meds, and extubated on January 22, 2012, the same night that a candlelight prayer was held at a park near the hospital. Several members of the community gathered…we continue to praise God for our miracle.

On February 8, 2012 Starla was moved from the PICU and started round 4 of chemotherapy on February 9th!

Miracles happen if you believe.  Starla Chapman is a living proof of that.  Her family took the words of a toddler and clutched at them tightly, and they got their miracle.  Starla is back fighting in good form.   Just trust.  God knows what he is doing.  We might not always believe it, but he does.  He sees the big picture when we only see a little of it – the “then” of the picture, the “now” of the picture.  God sees everything – every day of our lives is written in His book ahead of time, long before we were even born.  We may get mad at him, we may choose not to believe – it doesn’t matter.  God is there.  God is present.  Faith is believing in what you do not see and/or understand.  We don’t have to see or understand, because He does.  Nothing in life happens by chance.  Everything has a purpose.

And if you don’t believe me, give it time.  Just trust – and if not in God, then in yourself.  Trust in the moment.  Even when we think the world should be ending, it doesn’t – it goes on.  And if you really think about it, that is in and of itself something of a miracle.  Life goes on.  You go on.  It’s therapeutic and comforting, but often it takes time.  As my friend Anthony would say, “You are stronger” than anything that happened, is happening, or will happen to you.

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